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UFC 82 Rumors: Heath Herring vs. Cheick Kongo

Though the UFC has not yet confirmed this, is reporting more heavyweight action. It seems a bout between Cheick Kongo and Heath Herring will take place at UFC 82 on March 1 in Columbus, Ohio.

Kongo has enjoyed four victories out of his five most recent bouts, all taking place in the UFC. His wins came against Gilbert Aldana, Christian Wellisch, Assuerio Silva, and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. His only UFC loss came at the hands of Carmelo Marrero via split-decision in October 2006. Kongo looks to continue his good fortune in the UFC with a win over Herring, and a place among the top of the UFC heavyweight division.

All of Heath Herring’s three UFC fights have gone to a decision since his debut in January 2007, where he lost a surprising upset against Jake O’Brien. In April, Herring won a unanimous decision against TUF 2 veteran Brad Imes, and has handed his most recent loss from PRIDE-vet Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira in July 2007 at UFC 73.

In the last three fights for both fighters, all have gone to a decision. Look for more of the same in this bout. As for UFC 82, more news to come as it becomes available.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    If nothing else, its a very interesting card. I’d like to see how the UFC treats Marquardt. If they shove him on the untelevised portion again it will be very dissapointing. I know the fight has all the ingredients to be a snooze fest, but its a very important bout in terms of the future of the middleweight division.

  • It’s UFC 82 — not UFC 81. Apologies for the confusion.

  • dizzle says:

    heath needs to use his wrestling on Kongo to take this win.

    He desperatly needs this win under his belt.

  • Da Pit says:

    Damn how can a website fuck up like that Kongo vs Herring is 81? i wish the fight would be on the 81 card, that would have been a great card for Heavyweights with Tim vs Nog & Mir vs Brock! 81 card only has 8 fights they need to get another ligit fight!

  • Evan says:

    DP….its hard doing a blog…mistakes happen and its very difficult to edit yourself.

  • Anton K says:

    I’m curious as to why Kongo is taking this fight. He just beat Cro-Cop… this seems like a potentially dangerous step backward. Herring needs a win so badly, he just might take it.

  • DP….its hard doing a blog…mistakes happen and its very difficult to edit yourself.

    Indeed, especially when Juanito kept saying UFC 81 and he meant UFC 82. Regardless, shouldn’t have happened and apologies that it did.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    True, also I should’ve gotten a couple more confirmations but it was late. My bad also. When you’re covering multiple UFC cards simultaneously, the numbers get mixed up, so that’s an understandable mistake by Juanito. I’m sure he knew that it was the March card.

  • Tanner says:

    It got fixed no big deal.

  • Morgan says:

    Heath Hearring is one of my favorite fighters..But, I really think he needs to find himself a new training camp..His leg kicks (besides his front kick) seem to ned some work and I think he needs to find a good Jui-juitsu coach badly!!
    He is the only person I know that can give his back up and not get submitted so good for that but Dangit Heath..GO train up in BIg Bear or even the Hammer House I think would be good for you!


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