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UFC 81: Rob Emerson vs. Keita Nakamura

According to, a fight between Rob Emerson (6-6-0, 1 NC) and Keita Nakamura (14-2-2) has been set for UFC 81: “Breaking Point” in Las Vegas on February 2, 2008.

Emerson’s last bout was in June 2007 at UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Finale against Gray Maynard, which ended in a no-contest, as both fighters were simultaneously knocked out. He is looking for his first victory in the UFC, coming off his appearance on TUF 5.

Nakamura lost two consecutive bouts in the UFC against Brock Larson and Drew Fickett in December 2006 and April 2007 respectively. His most recent fight ended in a KO victory via knee against Takefumi Hanai in November 2007 at a Cage Force EX show.This match-up is number 8 on the UFC 81 card for February. Most UFC cards feature 9 fights, so we may see another fight announcement in the near future.

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  • garth says:

    wonder if the lords of the south county will show up to support emerson.

  • j.S. camp says:

    Interesting video that seems to be making the rounds regarding this fight.

    Is Dana White trying to actually push a Japanese fighter with a win against “suburban hardcore” emerson? or could a possible backlash against Emerson regarding his past possibly stop this fight from even happening? Or is the UFC genuinely clueless to his past when the fight was booked? Or do they just not care and see the guys as marketable assuming they can keep his history quiet. I think this has to be a toss up for Nakamura as the UFC can’t really be hoping Emerson wins, but it gives Nakamura a relatively easy win vs. someone UFC fans have actually heard of.

    Someone call Marlon Sims and Noah and tell them all they had to do was pay the camera guys 100 bucks to go dark for 10 minutes while they settle their issues. Apparently letting out aggression gets you out of the UFC for life, but two battery convictions doesn’t mean much. Especially when one of them is a “gang” related beating.

    I realize the BJ Penn/Criminal Record issue relates here, and comparisons can be made to a certain degree. I’m trying to keep my views to the Emerson situation here.

  • j says:

    Rob was a teenager who he did something stupid and paid the price. He was in a street fight in 2006 and because of the prior incident which he was still on probation for he had to serve two month in jail. Both incidents happened prior to TUF.

    He now has a new camp, new friends and has changed his life. So before everyone blows this out of proportion you need to know the facts.

  • The Bean says:

    I can’t find anything on the interwebs on the lords. I’m from NY so i dont know if theyre a big deal in Cali or whatever, just trying to do some research…

  • j.S. camp says:

    j (#3):

    At 16/17 you can drive legally. At 18 you can vote for the nation’s leaders. At 18 you can join the US military. At 18, most likely, you’ve graduated from high school. So Rob Emerson at 20 should be mature enough to make the right decisions – the first time around. 20 isn’t a teenager anymore when the first infraction occured. Who am I to judge? Im no one. The second arrest I believe was in September of 2007 – citing his wikipedia entry so i can’t confirm that is 100% accurate. Which would make it after TUF. J: if you have other info please keep make aware of it.

    Everyone deserves a second chance, but in Emerson’s case does he deserve a 3rd? I wonder how those two guys are doing that they ganged up on. People make mistakes – But the second time around – be mature – realize your on probation – and wake the F*** up. I’m glad he has apparently turned his life around as you seem to have some connection to him. I hope he continues to. But I still hope Nakamura wins this fight by KO.

  • oijooimjoi says:

    well first of all the guys they jumped treid to beat up one of robs friends or homies wat ever and i guess they chased them and they thought they ditched them so they pulled in a gas station and then got there asses wooped by like2341234254151 people but they had it comin…….but thats just wat i herd from a couple people who rob train with though

  • gigigigoo says:

    Rob Emerson is a good guy. He doesn’t go around fighting random people anymore. He never really did that to begin with. The media blew it way out of proportion. I grew up with all those guys in that news clip. They are all good guys. He is going to have a baby the weekend of the UFC 81 fight. He is going to be a Dad so he has matured a lot. Don’t give him shit guys. He is a stand up guy.

  • matt says:

    no they arent good dudes. they are rich kids who think they are tough shit. jumping people and always starting trouble. fuck those guys and fuck you too gigigigoo


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