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Rampage talks Forrest, Tito talks Apprentice, Jenna Jameson just talks (video)

RawVegas caught up with Rampage Jackson and the MMA two headed monster of TitoJenna OrtizJameson for the premier of the Celebrity Apprentice.

Rampage is looking pimpastic in his fur coat. Tito says he may be fighting on 5/5/08 and it would be the last fight on his current UFC contract. Jenna says Tito is a good “business man” and “blah blah blah Tito is so great blah blah blah”.

Video provided by Raw Vegas TV

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  • dizzle says:

    I heard that Jenna’s vagina reconstruction didn’t go so well.

    Not sure if that is vital information for anyone here.

    Right now is a time when pop-ups are a good thing.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Tito doesn’t sound like he cares much about fighting anymore at all. People are saying that Tito’s a bad style matchup for Machida but that means nothing if Tito isn’t prepared to fight, should he accept the matchup.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Tito kinda sounded like he had one fight left on his contract and then he was just gonna concentrate on everything else.

    Almost sounded like he was going to retire.

    They also should really never let Jenna Jameson talk.

  • paddiosf says:

    Machida has passed up Tito in the LHW rankings, maybe Jardine or Liddell…Jackson sounded alittle “Buzz”…my only thing with Jackson is his focus and not letting his success get the better of him, “ala” Chuck celebrity nearly brought his career down…

  • bigfish042 says:

    POST 3

    Exactly what I got out of it. Sounds like Tito is going to fulfill his contract, then pursue films or whatever JENNA wants him to

    I hope that……

    1.) Jenna and Tito spliy up
    2.) Tito loses horribly in his last fight
    3.) People saying Tito is washed up and cant fight anymore lights a fire under his ass

    Although I am not a fan of his, I would like to see him get owned by a few LH fighters in the UFC before he walks away


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