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UFC 79 Video: Georges St. Pierre and Matt Hughes post-fight comments

Again, more branded video that has been made available on with embed code.

In this video, both Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre comment after their fight at UFC 79.

St. Pierre talks about how he was training for the Canadian Olympic wrestling team at the time of Matt Serra’s injury and how he abandoned his quest for a spot on the Olympic team because a UFC world title means more to him. Those comments met the approval of UFC president Dana White.

Hughes talks about what’s next for him and seems very unsure about his status. Looks like a lot of what happens next will be at the UFC’s discretion, although Hughes is vocal about wanting a chance to fight Matt Serra.

Hughes also goes on the record to say he doesn’t expect Serra to do well against St. Pierre in a potential rematch and doesn’t think Serra will be around much longer.


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