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5 Oz. of Pain seeking additional writers is looking for new writers who can contribute on a regular basis!

Please read the application requirements below. You will be expected to follow all the requirements. Failure to do so could result in your application not receiving full consideration. I realize these requirements are rigid, but we must insist on them to ensure the hiring process doesn’t become too chaotic.

I also need to make clear that these positions are voluntary only. You will not be compensated and makes no promises of future compensation. The biggest incentive we can offer you is exposure. For some people, exposure is not enough, and we understand and respect that. We realize exposure doesn’t pay the rent or mortgage. But if you’re viewing writing for 5 Oz. solely as a business opportunity, we might not be a good fit for your needs.

Here are the two positions we’re looking to fill:

* News Poster – At least 2-3 short news summaries PER DAY that contain proper attribution and does not violate another site’s copyright. The 2-3 posts a day is a requirement that I realize all interested parties may not be able to meet. If that’s the case, now might not be the right timing for you to become a contributor to 5 Oz.

* Opinion-based writer – At least 3 feature-style stories per week expressing topical views on the current state of mixed martial arts. Articles must be thought-out and contain a unique perspective, be well-written, and you must be able to support your position (as opposed to just making random statements with no substance behind them). 5 Oz. has a hands-off editorial style, so chances are you will not be getting assignments from us. You must be able to think independently and creatively.

Requirements and preferences:


– Must have strong communication skills and a willingness to pay attention to detail (i.e. PROOF READING). It’s key that you can be self-managed because we’re all part-timers. We’re looking for contributors who can decrease our workloads, not increase them.

– Must follow fight promotions in addition to the UFC.

– Being a regular reader of 5 Oz. is a PLUS. Our staff gets along very well and we’d like to keep our chemistry solid. Being a regular reader means you’re not only familiar with the strong personalities affiliated with the site, it means you have an understanding of the type of content we’re looking for.

– Being a current blogger is a HUGE PLUS. Our preference is to bring in experienced writers and if you are currently a blogger, then we are able to see and evaluate the quality and frequency of your work.

– If you’re a current blogger writing for a blog that is not your own, we will consider your application so long as you are in the free and clear to speak with us. We’d prefer it if you made your editor aware of your desire to possibly leave and write for us. We have positive relationships with most other blogs out there and are looking to keep things that way. Having established names write for 5 Oz. is attractive, but we’re also not looking to pull talent raids.

– You also must be willing to submit to limited exclusivity. We’re cool with you doing your own blog and also writing for a site that gets more exposure than us. Other than that, we need you to keep your work limited to 5 Oz. The reason being is because we’re trying to build a distinctive brand and we feel it’s counter-productive to have a writer submitting similar content to 4-5 similar sites. I realize demanding limited exclusivity is a lot to ask when you’re not being compensated, but we will do our best to make sure you get strong exposure from 5 Oz. I also realize not everyone will agree with this demand, and if that’s the case, again, we might not be a good fit for you right now.

– If you are currently not a blogger, then you MUST have an MMA writing sample (operative word: MMA) of some kind. Credentials are great, but we need to know that you can write. I realize not everyone has a sample readily available but if you want to be considered, then I would recommend you create a sample that you can submit to us. No sample = no consideration.

– You must also be able to accept public feedback to your articles in a professional manner. We’re not expecting you to be a saint, but this is the Internet and things do get crazy some times when it comes to responses. 5 Oz. is getting a lot of traffic right now so you need to be prepared for people having opinions about your opinions. We definitely encourage you to respond to positive and negative feedback, just don’t go overboard if it’s negative and don’t get into flame wars. 5 Oz. expects its staff to represent it in a positive manner at all times and in ways that will not detract from the contributions of others on staff.

– If volume of applications becomes too great, we cannot guarantee a response. The only thing that we can guarantee is full consideration if you follow these guidelines. Unfortunately, none of us work on 5 Oz. on a full-time basis. We have full-time jobs and families. I always hated submitting applications in the past and not getting any kind of response back, and now we might be doing the same thing here. But I was deluged with applications last time and did my best to respond to everyone but still came up short. Our traffic has grown since the last hiring process so I can only assume we’ll receive more applications. Again, we will do our best to get you a response even if we’re not going to hire you, but we cannot make a guarantee.


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