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Tim Sylvia calls Fedor a not so nice name

As I mentioned earlier, Gary Herman’s column at with post-show UFC 79 notes is filled with goodness. There’s also a quote from Tim Sylvia calling Fedor Emelianenko a very bad word that begins with a “p” and ends with a “u-s-s-y”:

Former UFC heavyweight champion Sylvia was very candid in his response about the man generally regarded as the top heavyweight in the world, Emelianenko. Sylvia was not pleased about Emelianenko’s recent decision to join the brand new M-1 Global instead of the UFC.

“I think he’s being a (expletive),” said Sylvia.


  • bigfish042 says:

    About time some of the top HW’s out there say it like it is. About time they speak the truth, and not worrying whether or not it is”ok” to say those type of things in the mma world.

    Props to Big Tim!

  • ttt says:

    this is the same tim sylvia that ufc wouldn’t let fight fedor … perhaps for financial reasons, but nonetheless

  • Rashad #1 says:

    This coming right after he called Brock Lesnar a baby lmao

  • Da Pit says:

    I hate Tim Sylvia but he’s 100% right! Top fighters fight top fighters not beginers, Fedor is being a pussy! I dont understand why he’s still #1 he’s top five but not 1

  • Evan says:

    Not a big fan of Tim but this makes me like him a bit more. And before people claim Fedor would destroy Tim, consider who has fought better better talent since 05.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    And you gotta know that Sylvia would take a fight with Fedor in a heartbeat. He’s a game fighter who always comes back stronger after a loss. I still can’t figure out why he’s booed and disrespected.

  • Evan says:


    I think its because he has played it so safe in recent fights and he turned me off when he complained of his back problem after he lost to Randy.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Yeah, that remark after the Couture fight was weak. He got schooled and should have admitted it. His style is conservative, but with height and reach advantages like that, he’d be crazy not to rely on them. Look at Liddell. He’s a counterpuncher who forces the action only after he’s stunned/hurt his opponent, and nobody picks on him. Must be a personality thing at some level.

  • jaydog says:

    Would Tim have agreed to fight HMC? Naw. I think he’d of p*ssied out. Sylvia prefers to be the ugly lumbering giant in the fight who doesn’t have to hustle cuz simply being a spectacle is his #1 job. I know he’s got some boxing skills, but the guy is repulsive and his taunt of Fedor is a transparent imitation of Dana White’s childish tactics.

  • bubbafat says:

    Tim Sylvia wouldn’t take a fight with HMC because, as bad as Hong Man Choi is, it would expose his boxing. Let’s face it HMC has faced some of the best strikers and biggest men there are. He may not be all that good at it, but he did just as well against Jerome LeBanner as Big Tim would. I actually think Tim Sylvia would get knocked out if HE fought LeBanner. Either way, apples and oranges. The point is that Fedor obviously sees HMC as a threat in the ring otherwise he would have stood with him. Instead he easily takes him down and armbars him.
    On top of that, it seems a little odd that Tim Sylvia is calling Fedor a pussy for signing with an organization that A: has plenty of cash B: has some of the most reputable people running it. ie: Monte Cox C:it’s all about the Benjamins, just ’cause he can’t get Zuffa to pay him a cool Million he calls him a pussy.

  • cyphron says:

    You guys got it wrong. Fedor’s management wanted no part of Sylvia. Read part #3. This was reported by Dave Meltzer. That is probably why Fedor’s management didn’t want him to sign with the UFC. They can’t risk him getting beat by Tim Sylvia.


  • Bdavis says:

    In a ring Big Tim has no chance. In a cage he might stand a 30% chance. The reason nobody likes Tim is that he always makes excuses and fights boring fights. The one thing that pains my ass when it comes to Tim is that when he was chanmp he always wore that damn belt around everywhere. If you are fighting bring the belt with you. Otherwise leave the damn thing home on the shelf! He looked like such a tard when he cornered Matt Hughes and he was wearing that belt.

  • josh b says:

    dont like big timmy… but that does make me like him a little more than i did. i do think fedor would just put another ass spanking on him like randy did… just a pad match up for him.

  • Rich says:

    am i the only one that sees the irony in TIM SYLVIA calling someone else a PUSSY? i can’t stand tim. fedor would end tim’s career. plain and simple.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I don’t think Sylvia is afraid of big guys. He fought and beat Gan McGee, who is the same height and maybe a little taller. I watched a video of Choi losing to some guy named Mighty Mo who looks much shorter than Sylvia and didn’t look very well conditioned. Pretty heavy. Mo punched Choi out. Sylvia has decent power and pretty good leg kicks. He could easily stand with Choi.

  • Cláudio says:

    Imagine something that could probably happen: After the M-1, Fedor gets the girl Sylvia and ´´spanck him“, someone will have to wear the mask of a p****ussy

  • Ron says:

    Tim Slyvia is the wienie here. Six months or six hour a day training. Weight Training, Cardio, Boxing, Grappling, Jiu Jitsu, a special diet….only to be SCHOOLED by Fedor in 36 seconds!


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