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Ryan Schultz gets his revenge and shakes up IFL lightweight division

While at UFC 79, I received an e-mail on my mobile device listing the results from the IFL World Grand Prix held earlier that night across the country in Uncasville, Conn. I was surprised to see many upsets listed, but was especially shocked to see that Chris Horodecki had lost the lightweight championship fight to Ryan Schultz.

Schultz didn’t just beat Horodecki, he put the kid out cold. As you can see here:

For Schultz, the win earned him double-revenge.

First, he had been TKO’d against Horodecki in November of ’06 at the IFL World Team Semifinals.

Second, the IFL’s old production company total clowned Schultz during the first-ever episode of “IFL Battleground” on MyNetworkTV last February. The two-hour show built towards a climax that depicted Schultz getting stretchered out following a KO from Bart Palaszewski during the IFL Championships in December of ’06.

What happened, happened. But the manner in which the knockout was depicted made look Schultz look like some amateur bum who had no business being in the ring as opposed the to seasoned professional he is who simply got caught.

Schultz is a fighter’s fighter having fought 29 times since 2003 and taking on the best in the world such as Roger Huerta, Gesias “JZ Calvan” Calvancante, Rich Clementi, Savant Young, Hermes Franca, Kuniyoshi Hironaka, Mike Aina, and Ron Jhun.

I’m hoping Saturday’s win will help erase the first-impression many newer fans were left with when they tuned into Battleground.

  • garth says:

    also: nothing lends a bit of mystique to an org like a sweet upset. dynasties are often the reality in fighting, but the upset is the reason people tune in. you think a lot of fans buy boxing PPV’s to see the favorite win? hell no.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I really want to like the IFL, but I have a hard time watching their shows. Way too much fluff and filler. Shut up and brawl.

  • Captain says:

    Damn that was brutal.

  • garth says:

    i just watched that for like the fifth time and its started to make me feel a little ill…that kid is basically mincemeat.

  • Schultz is for real, and I’m glad people are seeing that now. He’s the only guy to beat Huerta, and when he sticks to his game plan and doesn’t try to out-brawl everyone, he’s tough to beat.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Only guy to beat Huerta and Horodecki. He’s the golden boy killer.

  • “Only guy to beat Huerta and Horodecki. He’s the golden boy killer.”

    Maybe I’ll suggest that as a new nickname, Sam. Although something tells me he’s committed to “The Lion”.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Yeah, he is definitely committed to “The Lion,” for sure. With a tat that big he might as well just legally change his name to Lion.


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