twitter google sets traffic record for sixth month in a row eclipsed its own record for monthly page views in December for the sixth consecutive month, shattering its previous monthly-high established in November.

In addition to wishing all of our readers a Happy New Year, I also wanted to thank the many of you who have decided to make this site a daily destination for your MMA needs.

While we’re certainly not the only site in this space to experience tremendous growth, it’s still amazing to us just how far 5 Oz. has come in a short period of time. I started this blog as a part-time hobby slightly over a year ago and it’s taken on a life of its own, growing to a site that receives hundreds of thousands of visits a month.

We’re read by the promoters, fighters, and fans alike. We’ve been featured on Sirius Satellite Radio (The Bubba the Love Sponge and Scott Ferrall Shows), HDNet (“Inside MMA”), G4 (Attack of the Show), Versus (on the WEC’s first-ever live telecast on the network), and various local radio outlets across the country, including Las Vegas, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. Contributors on this site also submit content on a regular basis to,, the magazine FIGHT!, and

I am amazed at how fast we’ve grown, as I got involved with no expectations. I was training MMA on a more frequent basis in ’06 and when some of the guys I was training with found out I was a sports writer that trained MMA, they asked whether I wrote about MMA. They always found it funny that even though I was a writer who had trained in martial arts, that I wasn’t producing any MMA-related content. My feeling was that my regular sports writing came first, since it’s what supported my family. And with what little free time I had, I wanted to devote it to spending time with my family, training MMA, and watching it. There just wasn’t time to write about it.

However, after it became apparent that I was never going to be much of a fighter, I cut back on my training. At that point, I got the itch to write and started devoting some of my additional time to occasional blog postings.

When 5 Oz. first started, I think maybe I did 2-3 posts a week, primarily after big events. I remember being excited if one person left a comment to something I wrote because that meant that at least one person had read it! Now, it’s a completely different ballgame.

Again, thanks for all of the support you gave us in 2007 and we look forward to continuing to serve your MMA content needs in 2008!

  • Al says:

    Well buddy, here’s your first reason of the New Year to get excited. Keep up the good work!

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    Great site Sam, Im here everyday. Keep the articles coming and I’ll keep visiting……..

  • josh b says:

    great site! i wake up in the mornings and the first thing i do is check this site for news… i know its sad… thanks for keeping me up to date on all the latest mma news! happy new YEAR!

  • lovethefights says:

    im glad i found you guys about 8 months ago and you’ve become my first stop every morning and also thanks for turning me on to fightlinker
    thanks again to Sam all of the five ounce staff for all the great stuff. keep up the great work

  • Jeremy says:

    As a avid reader of the site for quite some time now I must say it has become my first stop everyday, and multiple stops during the day as well for up to date mma news. The site has come a long way and I can’t wait for what is to come from it. Keep up the good work Sam and all the writers here, you do a really good job.

  • Vess says:

    I was initially skeptical about your ability to be impartial after your new gig with Proelite, but you have shown me to be wrong. Great writers on this including yourself.

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, no more endorsements or affiliations with RIO HEROES.

  • Carson says:

    Well done Sam. I’ve got you on my RSS feed, always looking for updates. Happy new year.

  • Cat says:

    Thanks! i am a new reader as well as a new MMA fan. I am still learning, and you are helping. Its a pleasure to read this site!

  • Andrej says:

    Awesome Site, got me hooked just like Fightlinker, Fightopinion, Bloodyelbow, Bloodyknux, Sherdog, mmajunkie, ect…. all good sites in one way or another. Keep up the good work.

  • Matt Boone says:

    You got the designer/coder to thank for a lot of that, more than you’d think. You came outta nowhere to dominate the piss out of Google/Yahoo key searches along with me and some other sites that always show up for popular terms. I imagine that helped a ton, especially when there is a big UFC event.

  • Paul says:

    your in my RSS

    i love this website

  • Cameron says:

    Thanks for making my 12 hr shifts at work alot more bareable. You’re the first site I check on my blackberry on my breaks and lunch. Thanks alot.

  • Dizzle says:

    Happy New Year. Hope everyone has a prosperous New Year and I hope this Site grows and becomes the biggest MMA News and Opinion site on the interweb.

  • garth says:

    kickass. i kinda miss the days when it was me and two or three other dudes occasionally calling each other names, tho.

  • Evan says:

    garth, you’re a dumbass

  • garth says:

    goddam it evan, that was nice of you. you bastard

  • Evan says:

    heh….you’re welcome garth.

    Once this site hit its stride and style it changed over night. Good job guys.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    hugs and kisses for all – what a love fest!!

    What do you guys want to see from us in ’08? What do you think of the contests/prizes? Anything we can add to the site to make us that much more totally awesomer?

    – Matt

  • Evan says:

    Love the contests but whats the rule on multiple submissions? Are you just taking the first thing people post?

    Down the road I would like to see a forum that is strictly kept “sherdog style” free. Or at least a real time discussion feature for live fights. It would be a great feature for people like myself who follow MMA closely but don’t have friends that are really into it.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    For some contests, we only take one submission per person; for others as many as you want.

    We are looking at forum options and agree with you on the no sherdog-style.

    We also plan to have some kind of real-time discussion during PPV’s. Personally I’d like to take it beyond “live blogging” and move toward an IM/chat style. Need to find the best technology for that. It would be truly badass to chat about the fights as they happen with fans from all over (the UFC should jump all over this idea).

    Question for tech geeks out there… we are currently in a shared hosting environment. In order to effectively run forums, live discussion, and grow the site, we figure we’ll need to move to a dedicated server. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to do that??

  • Eric says:

    This is one of the five sites i visit everyday. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep stopping by. Thanks for providing all the info you do.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    If we are going to have a forum then this is how i suggest we do it. We just have your normal every day forum which lets the idiots run wild and then after looking at that we can identify the users who actually post good stuff and not topics like “Is AnToNi HARDonk teH greatest FiTer in the World?!!!!11one” And once we’ve identified the good ones we promote them to members who have access to the forum thats not full of idiots.

    Probably would take a lot of work, but we could avoid the Sherdog problems.

  • hehe i remember being that one person commenting. Great site, great growth. Keep up the good work and i see only more success for you in 2008 (except of course in the cage, sucka)

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    …I want to see this fight

  • garth says:

    lolololol i’d nevar get in taht forom !!!!!1 11!

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    i loath forums…


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