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UFC 79: Stephan Bonnar, Arianny Celeste, & TJ Lavin pick the winners (video)

Excellent fight breakdowns/predictions made by Stephan Bonnar in this 8+ minute video. Ring girl Arianny is there for the eye candy, and X-Games champion TJ Lavin is there for ???.

The fights they’re picking:

  • Matt Hughes Vs. GSP
  • Chuck Liddell Vs. Wanderlei Silva
  • Lyoto Machida Vs. Rameau Sokoudjou

Video provide by Raw Vegas TV

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  • Zack says:

    Bonnar has a career in broadcasting waiting for him. It’s hard not to like him.

  • Vess says:

    Arianny has a career in porn waiting for her. It’s hard not to whip the manhood out whenever I see her. She also has a sweet voice.

  • Davey D says:

    I haven’t picked a winner for Chuck vs. Wandy yet. They both are Living Legends to me and so I can’t pick one at the moment. I’ll have to see them step into the Octagon and decide after they do the stare-down.

    I really think, win or lose, Chuck Liddell should move up to the Heavyweight class. I believe he could beat the everlovingchit out of most of the fighter’s there anyways. To me, there are just a lot more better match up’s for him there. If he succeeds then his Legend gets even bigger.

    Imagine this: Chuck vs. Cro-Cop, Sylvia, Vera, Kongo, Arlovski. How about…The Iceman vs. Minotauro? A major, major BIG IF would be Chuck vs. Fedor. WOW!!!

  • Jay K. says:

    I only saw Arianny Celeste’s Boobs. What does her face look like?


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