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Floyd Mayweather to MMA?

According to ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael and Marc Stein, the idea may not be as far-fetched as most would think:

“Floyd Mayweather Jr., the world’s No. 1 boxer, is strongly considering a revolutionary jump to mixed martial arts under a deal being discussed with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.”

Prior to his huge fight with Oscar De La Hoya on May 5th, 2007, Mayweather made some very condescending remarks towards the UFC. So much so that UFC President Dana White brought then-UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk with him to publicly call-out boxing’s pound for pound king, Mayweather.

After defeating De La Hoya, Mayweather backed off on his comments that boxers were better fighters the mixed martial artists. Mayweather claimed he was just trying to drum up even more interest in his fight with De La Hoya.

Has Mayweather changed his mind? Apparently, Mark Cuban thinks there is a chance. Cuban believes that his friendship with Mayweather stemming from their participation last season on Dancing with the Stars could potentially lead to Mayweather stepping into HDNet fights’ cage.

“If I said there’s a guaranteed $30 million payday, Floyd would be lacing them up,” Cuban said.

The obvious question is could there even possibly be an MMA payday of 30 million of Mayweather? The clear answer is no. For Mayweather to compete in MMA, the motivation would have to be that he wants to be known as the best fighter in the world and not the just the best boxer in the world. If money is his motivation, this will not happen. It will just go down as another way for Mayweather to keep his name in print with the mainstream media.

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  • Greg Urban says:

    We will never ever see pretty boy in mma…no way…

  • Josh Strawn says:

    If he does go mma he better be able to handle an assbeating cause Sherk aint going to stand with him.

  • sholo says:

    Sherk would get knocked the @$#%$ out like Hatton!!

  • Dragon says:

    IM sorry but If Floyd decides to fight MMA…. He would get his ass whooped in no time… Boxing and MMA are two different things, and Floyd, no matter how good a boxer he is, cant make the transition that quickly and expect to do good.

  • Anderson says:

    I think floyd will not fight in a sport paying peanuts. I heard but not confirmed dana white offered floyd 2 million dollars to fight sherk common get real that would not be “to his worthwhile”. Anyhow the ufc favors wrestlers after all it is the only profession that they can get paid at there is no professional wrestleling that is not scripted. So dana white has to protect his crop of fighter with no head kicks or kneeing a downed oppent. I think they should have rule modicication fight in a ring no elbows.

  • juco wrestling champ says:

    to be honest.. mayweather is a complete idiot for trying to act like hes going to transition himself into mma. if he fought current lightweight champion bj penn heres how the fight would go : penn takes mayweather to the ground and wins via submission 20 seconds into the first round. most ufc fighters dont fight for the cash only for the respect. and about that rule modification with no elbows why not just also let them fight with boxing gloves as well?


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