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Exclusive: Cuban says Mayweather serious about MMA but won’t rush into it

In exclusive comments to (, HDNet Fights founder and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban responded to questions in regards to whether recent reports that Floyd Mayweather is investigating the possibility of competing in MMA are merely an attempt to gain headlines.

“He is serious,” Cuban responded in an e-mail. “He isn’t going to rush into it. Bottom line is that Floyd is a great businessperson. He sees the money in MMA and knows there are many opportunities there. We are exploring all of them, including getting in the cage. Again, he won’t rush into it. He knows MMA and boxing are two different sports and he respects MMA athletes. He doesn’t take the best lightly.”

Cuban believes that Mayweather’s work ethic will lend itself well when it comes to learning the multiple fighting disciplines needed to excel in MMA.


  • bigfish042 says:

    Like Cuban is going to respond in an email………

    Yeah, you guys are right, I am just doing this as a ploy to gain name recognition and headlines.. DAMMIT!!!!! You guys caught me!!!!

    Why even question it??? You knew the answer before he said it.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Why? Because as a reporter it’s my job to follow-up on stories and never assume what’s someone’s answer is going to be.

  • bigfish042 says:

    Nothing against you Sam……. I just meant in general. I know it may of sounded like it, but it was nothing against you or the story.

    I was just making a sarcastic statement in general, stating what probably most believe, even you that we will never see someone like him in the cage…..unless someone is going to pay him 20 million.

    I really enjoy the site. Again sorry if you took it the wrong way. I like and do read almost EVERY article/interview and enjoy them all

  • Evan says:

    Sorry Sam not sure where to put this question…

    Did Dizzle redo that banner?

  • Evan says:


    for the record…Cuban basically only communicates via email and is extremely candid. Send him an email when their is not a Mavericks game or he isn’t out with his family and I be you will have a response within 30 minutes.

  • hankd says:

    Cubes is an emailing fool…this is true. He has responded to many of mine in the past, whether MMA or Mavs related…

  • hankd says:

    he also posts on Sherdog…lol

  • Evan says:

    Just don’t email him and mention the name Craig Miller…..

    Long story

  • THORAZINE says:

    FLOYD MAYWEATHER, just truly doesn’t understand MMA or grapplers one bit, that’s why he talks so much ’shit’.. once he gets into some MMA training.. all of a sudden he’s going to realize that he actually ‘doesn’t know shit’ about MMA.’ And he’ll get his ass kicked. He’ll either change his tune or “Shut the Fuck Up”… either way, he’ll never step into an MMA fighter with a quality opponent… and probably not at all…

    I give Mayweather his due, in the boxing ring and PPV draw…. but that’s where it ends… he won’t step into an MMA fight… no way, not for money, challenge or glory. It’s just not in him. He’s the best as a boxer, but he couldn’t take his ass getting whipped here n’ there in MMA in order to become a great MMA fighter… all MMA fighters lose and take a beating one time or another, especially when they’re coming up… now if he want’s to promote MMA fighters or HDNet fights or use his boxing skills to train fighters, or anything in that respect… cool. but no way is he going to choose to stand in there with an elite MMA fighter.. no way.

  • THORAZINE says:


    “UFC’s champions can’t handle boxing. That’s why they are in UFC.” Mayweather said Tuesday from Las Vegas during a break in training. “Put one of our guys in UFC and he’d be the champion. Any good fighter, he’d straight knock them out.”

    “Take Chuck Liddell, Put him in the ring with a (boxer) who is just 10-0 and Chuck Liddell would get punished. Come on, man. What’d you think? Am I just 10-0? Boxing is an art, UFC is a fad. Anyone can put a tattoo on their head and get in a street fight.”

  • Tommy says:

    Mayweather is a fight ducker. Tell that puss to fight Paul Williams before he retires from boxing, instead of just taking set up fights he knows he can win to further his own inflated legacy.


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