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New article: First UFC video game revisited

2008 is just around the corner. And what am I looking forward to most in MMA next year? Would you believe it’s the pending release of the new UFC video game? Well, I hope it gets released next year as opposed to 2009.

In anticipation of the new UFC video game, I went back and spent some time playing the original UFC video game, UFC Tapout, after rediscovering it while on a cleaning mission.

In my latest article for, I discuss the important of the UFC having a bad ass video game and review the old one and recommend changes that must be implemented for the near release.

Click here to check it out.

 If you’re interested in the new UFC 2009 game, there is a TON of video and images HERE.

  • The best “UFC” game ever released was the original “Ultimate Fighting Championship” for the Sega Dreamcast, which was also developed by Anchor. I remember the demo for that game coming on the Official Dreamcast Magazine Disc and it would only let you play as either Frank Shamrock or Tito Ortiz. The rest of the game was the best MMA video game available in my opinion until Pride FC was released for the PS2 in 2003, which was the best available in my opinion until World of Mixed Martial Arts was released for the PC earlier this month.

  • Gabber says:

    Ivan, you beat me to the punch man. I hate when people talk how the Xbox had the first UFC game. Dreamcast came out in like 99-00 with their release and the game was off the hook. You could pound dudes out, go for several different takedowns, counter everything and be all the guys from the UFC “Dark Years” when they were definetly off the radar. The game was crude, but for the DC it was my favourite title. I was a big fan of the double hammer fist from full mount with Evan Tanner or Tito Ortiz.

    I think Sam meant to say, the “first advertised UFC video game” cause the DC version got no pub. I was going to buy the Xbox for the game until I tried it and it was weak at best.

    Makes me sad how forward thinking Sega was at the time, too forward for the times…

    R.I.P Sonic the Hedgehog….

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I honestly had no idea there was a UFC Dreamcast game. I could find no traces of it.

  • Kieran says:

    Eugene Jackson plays it with his kids in the “Rites of Passage” documentary.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Hey Ivan, how is that game? Is there anyway i can get it that’s not from the site. Like an online store or something?

  • Dizzle says:

    haha yea right that game for dreamcast was blocky as hell and was like playing a wwf wrestling game.

    THis new UFC game is going to be the bomb!

  • Gabber says:

    Dude, the graphics were rough but man, then game mechanics were sweet and the counter system rocked it too. I have an old burn of the game at home, I can see if I can rip the .iso and whip it up on sendspace, maybe post it through the holidays.

    I doubt very much you can actually buy it anymore.

  • Dizzle says:

    I had a burnt copy of it too…that’s what was cool about dreamcast…you could play burnt games on it without a mod.

    UFC 2009 is going to be bad ass though. I’m hoping they’ll be able to add in like legend fighters and all that good stuff.

  • I am buying a system specifically for this game. I am hoping that there is a legends mode where you can match up with Shamrock, Gracie, Maurice Smith, Pat Militech, or play in an old school style tournament. What with contractual obligations and bad blood it’ll never happen but that’s one of my favorite aspects of boxing games. I’m also curious how it will be structured – can you build a fighter, take him through a season of TUF and work your way through a 15-20 fight career in the UFC? Is every fight a one-and-done?

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    “UFC: Moose Knuckle”

    how poetic!

  • I remember playing that Dreamcast UFC game back in the day (never had an xbox) I had no idea what the UFC was but that game rocked.

  • Evan says:

    Good find Gabber…its in the right format too.

    Format: NTSCJ

  • Evan says:

    Sorry guys…I changed my email.

  • Makea says:

    The Dreamcast UFC game was actually highly regarded:;title;0

    The grappling system was the best feature of the game, which was light-years ahead of any other “fighting” game at the time. It freaked me out how good it was. Two player grappling was really fun.

    Truly another Dreamcast gem that was forgotten.

  • travis8 says:

    touch of gloves to fanboys of Dreamcast’s UFC game..still play it sumtimes. Fyi..Pride on PS2 was as good as the Dreamcast one also..if not better!

  • Ross B says:

    Yep the Dreamcast game was awesome, people forget about it now but it wasn’t by any means unknown at the time for the dreamcast, remember it getting 90+/100 in reviews and there was a lot of hype leading up to it, detailed previews etc. Of course those that didn’t have a dreamcast wouldn’t have heard about it.

    I played that game to death, had no idea what the UFC was beforehand, then followed up on it and got some pirated events off ebay because the video intro to the game made the sport looked amazing. So it was the reason I started following MMA. God bless the original dreamcast UFC!

  • CrashStitches says:

    There was also an old UFC game for PS1, but it wasn’t as much fun. However, it’s old as hell, and possibly older than the Dreamcast version. Think I still have it somewhere…

  • gerald raines says:

    no, the PS1 version came out after the Dreamcast version and was from a different company it sucked if you ask me


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