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Report: Bisping to face McCarthy in March

The Ultimate Fighter 3 winner, Michael Bisping will make his 185 lbs. debut against TUF 4 veteran, Charles McCarthy (AKA Captain Miserable).

The news comes from an article from which states a source close to American Top Team has told them that “The Count” will face McCarthy at a March event, in London.

There is already a UFC event scheduled for March, in Columbus, Ohio which is headlined by a middleweight title bout between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson, so it is kind of surprising that the UFC is going to hold a UK event in the same month.

Bisping is coming off a split decision loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 78. After which, he was apparently requested by UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva, to drop to the rather thin middleweight division.

Charles McCarthy hasn’t fought since November of 2006, at The Ultimate Fighter 4 finale, in which he submitted Gideon Ray.


  • Tanner says:

    Here’s hoping to this is a Ultimate fight night or a free in some capacity. with 2 PPV events in a week and the UFC raising the price i can’t really afford 90 bucks the first two weeks of march

  • Seth says:

    Chainsaw? The guy has one or two decent wins but this smells like a tomato can match. Why not throw Bisping at Ryo Chonan (not the best performance in his debut but the dude can throw) or Jess Liaudin in one of the UK matchups. Seems like the UFC is throwing Bisping into the shallow end of the middleweight pool.

    How long till Hammill drops down?

  • Kieran says:


    I rememebr Savage talking about this on his radio show about a month back.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    If McCarthy gets his head in the right place, he could easily win this fight. Bisping doesn’t have overwhelming skills, particularly on the ground.

  • woooburn says:

    for a split second, i thought this might be bisping fighting BIG JOHN. now THAT would be an entertaining fight.

    i hope hamill drops down to challenge for a rematch as well. i like watching that guy fight.

  • Rich says:

    I really don’t think Hamill could make 185 he’s a pretty big guy from the looks of him.

  • woooburn says:

    well then i hope they give him (hamill) a shot at someone big, to atone for the whole bisping debachle. even dana admitted he thought hamill won, didnt he?

  • jaydog says:

    Why hasn’t Charles McCarthy fought in over a year? He won his fight at the TUF finale. Sure, he was opposite of charismatic. But, he could have gone for the whole “Undertaker” get-up and pushed the doom and gloom aspect for his ring entrance.

  • d-train says:

    they should feed bisping to drago… does anyone know if he has any fights left on his contract?

  • H.Diddy says:


    Charles hasn’t fought in so long because of an injury. He had surgery following his fight with Gideon Ray

  • drdanders says:

    Does anyone really care about this matchup? I would rather see Bisping vs. Kendal Groves, Ed Herman, Jason MacDonald, etc.

  • bubbafat says:

    Charles Mcarthy does not have the Jiu Jitsu skills of an Elvis Sinosic, or even an Eric Schaefer. Bisping knocked them both out after having his sub defense seriously tested. I don’t believe Macarthy brings as much to the table as those guys.
    Tomato can is right, the least they could do is give Bisping a big guy(as in size not skill). Macdonald would be a nice match, Eastman’s down there now,even Salaverry, Martin or Leben would have been a better matchup.

  • DanP says:

    This is an absolutley crap match up!!!!!

    There are a whole bunch of gys in the MW division that would have made for a great fight with Bisping:
    – Chris Leben
    – Alan Belcher
    – Patrick Cote
    – Ed Herman
    – Nate Quarry
    -and thats not even mentioning
    – Lutter
    – Marquardt
    – or even Franklin!

    Piss poor… I think Bisping is good – but his image is being seriously hindered by these poor match ups… he is being protected!

    McCathy offers no challenge at all!

  • Carnydrew says:

    Upon first watching TUF, I was a huge Bisping fan. I dug his charisma and (after Hamill got hurt) he pretty muched walked through the show. Right now, he looks like a Paper Tiger.

    -He beat Sinosic in exciting fashion (though he almost got caught!)
    -Lost to Hamill in amatuer boxing match (though the judges gave it to him)
    -Fought Evans to draw (though judges gave to Evans, another Paper Tiger)

    The UFC understands how I feel. They know that I like Bisping and want to see him win. That’s why he’s fighting a Tomato Can on April 19th. Bu!!sh!t

    I like Bisping, but I want to see if he can fight. Stop protecting him. He may not be ready for Franklin or Marquardt yet, but let’s at least see him fight someone dangerous…I’d love to see Bisping v. Leben, or Bisping v. Herman.


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