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Is Nogueira vs. Sylvia for the title at UFC 81 official?

In a new interview with Amaury Bitetti, a trainer for twin brothers Antonio Rodrigo and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, the introduction to the piece at talks about how February will be a busy month for the brothers.

It says that Rogerio will fight for Hardcore Championship Fighting on February 1, while Minotauro will be taking on Tim Sylvia for the UFC heavyweight title on February 2:

Now his twin brother will have one of the most important fights of a career that reached the mark of 30 wins the last time he fought. Minota will face the giant Tim Sylvia for the UFC heavyweight belt, February 2nd in Las Vegas. went after black belt Amaury Bitetti, responsible for two beasts’ ground training, to find out more about both their preparations for their upcoming commitments, here goes:

(HT: Richard Cartey)


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