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Chute Boxe releases statement about Rua Brothers’ departure

Rudimar Fedrigo, one of the top guns at Chute Boxe with Rafael Cordeiro, has released a statement confirming the departure of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Murilo “Ninja” Rua from the Curitiba-based fight camp:

We regret very much the departure of Murilo and Mauricio Rua, they are fighters brought up in the team and left to start their own team in the USA. We’d like to remind them that the doors to Chute Boxe shall always be open for both of them and we wish them luck and success in their new endeavors.

While I understand that the fight promotion aspect of MMA in Brazil is doing quite well, it’s still sad to see that the landscape regarding some of its top fight camps has been completely altered.


  • Gabber says:

    I don’t know if it’s such a bad thing. How many times in the blue collar industry do people who were raised up as apprentices move on somewhere else and set up their own shop? If anything I think it’s great that these guys can take their name recognition and turn it into a bigger future for themselves with sponsorship and using the UFC as a banner for their MMA clubs. I didn’t get any sense of heartbreak with Matt Hughes leaving the MFS team to start his current team.

    Brazil was getting was were it was at for MMA for a long time which was impressive considering how few of the guys who made a name for themselves actually did it in Brazil. They were always in North America or Japan.

    There’s also no love lost, it seems like they left the club on good terms.

    They just wanted to American Dream, who can blame them?

    I’d be really suprised if I saw some serious people leaving the Black House (I think that’s Big Nog’s club) but not shocked. Anderson Silva may be able to speak fluent English….someday…

  • Evan says:


    This has been going on for awhile as coaches starting going elsewhere a few years ago. I guess now its all but over.

  • Dizzle says:

    a really great move for the brothers. They have moved to america where the dream is to a sole proprietor which is what they are going after. I think they are making a very wise move financially.


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