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UFC 82: Franklin vs. Lutter a Done Deal

Dave Meltzer is reporting, in a recent print edition of The Wrestling Observer, that Rich Franklin and Travis Lutter will be squaring off in the Octagon as a part of UFC 82 in Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to this, Meltzer is also reporting that the fight will be a co-main event along with the UFC middleweight title between champion Anderson Silva and PRIDE 183-pound champion Dan Henderson.

Keep checking back with Five Ounces of Pain for more news as the fight card develops.

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  • Dizzle says:

    Poor old Rich Franklin gonna get done in for the 2nd straight time in a row.

    I have to tell you guys that Travis Lutter is no joke. Check this fight out…it will be exciting.

  • Tanner says:

    Dizzle are you serious?

    Lutter is a good fighter but Franklin has good takedown defense so its not going to be so easy for him to to just take Franklin, he’s not going to marvin eastman him and throw an overhand right and knock ace out. Jason MacDonald is a taller version of travis lutter and you saw how that fight turned out.

  • Dizzle says:

    But Franklin isn’t medically in the best of shape. After that last fight with Silva…i think ACE is going to be very hesitant inside of the cage.

    Just place your bets on Franklin while I place my bets on Lutter.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    I have to agree whole-heartedly with Dizzle.. when I saw this fight rumored first thing I thought is damn Lutter’s gonna get another shot at silva after this win.. I think Lutter is a good pick here and if he is a solid underdog I will drop some cash on him

  • Jeremy says:

    A fairly interesting fight. I think the odds will certainly favor Franklin winning but I think the margin is closer then people might think.

  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    Whoa, Lutter is still around?

    Franklin is gonna do to Lutter what he did to MacDonald and at least Okami.

    Although I also thought Franklin would do better than he did against Silva the 2nd time around.

  • Dizzle says:

    I just feel that Silva is the guy who has exposed alot of holes in ACE’s game, and Lutter could have the upper advantage on being able to capitalize on those holes during the fight.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Okami had Franklin beat but couldnt finish with the Kimura.. believe me if Lutter locks in a kimura its either tap or your arm is going home with him.

  • Dizzle says:

    you have to begin to wonder if Rich’s “stardom” is effecting the way he trains also.

    I’m sure that Rich isn’t going to be able to train as hard as Lutter with his celebrity exposure taking off.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Can’t blame Rich for branching out into a new career.. his nose is probably thanking him

  • Tanner says:

    Doesn’t look like this is a done deal after all, this is from an american fighter bulletin on myspace:

    Hi guys. First off, I would like to thank everyone for the support. Thank you for the support leading up to, and since the fight with Anderson. He is a great fighter and deserves everyone’s respect as a fighter, person, and ambassador to our sport. Also thank you for supporting American Fighter.

    Todd tries to maintain our Myspace account because of my hectic schedule. Hopefully he is doing a good job for you all. He spends a good amount of time on here and does it for free. Sometimes he gets a t-shirt.

    I am told there are rumors of me fighting multiple people in March. I have not signed for a fight in March. I don’t believe that I am allowed to fight more than once in a night. I hope this clears up any confusion. I have not signed to fight anyone in March, or any other month.

    Happy Holidays


  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    Silva exposed Rich’s weakness against a world-class mui thai clinch, true, but I don’t know how that applies to Travis “doughboy” Lutter……..?

  • mike says:

    The perfect fight for rich franklin return,


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