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Is brother vs. brother good for MMA?

For some people, the holidays are a great time of year. For others, it’s nothing more than the darkest and most depressing time of year. For those who hold contempt for the holiday season, I’ve found it’s usually because they have nothing but disdain for members of their family.

And what would the holidays be without a reminder about just how screwed up the Shamrock family is right now?

According to various reports, Ken Shamrock attended HDNet Fights’ card this past Saturday and revealed to members of the media that he will be fighting his adoptive brother, Frank Shamrock.

Ken apparently didn’t give a time, place, or a promotion, but he left everyone with the impression that the fight is going to happen. His comments appeared to be more than just him just expressing his feeling that he’d like the fight to happen.

While both Ken and Frank have talked publicly about wanting the fight, it remains to be seen whether it will actually come to fruition. With Frank involved, it’s never a done deal until the contracts are signed. And even then it’s not always a done deal.


  • Dizzle says:

    I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a deal. You have brother vs. brother in any other sport out there. Why not have it in MMA? I think that it’s would be a great match up for HDNets and I think alot of fans out there would dig the match.

    I just can’t believe that Frank is his adoptive brother…they look so much alike.

    I’d watch the fight…I have 5 brothers that I’ve fought with all my life growing up.

    There were even times where we had to wrestle each other on Saturday Tournaments for high school…which was always fun.

  • ufcfan says:

    god is ken shamrock still wasting space…

    i respect what he did for the sport, and how he USED to be.
    but seriously, why embarass yourself anymore with beatdowns.

    put it this way, tito is half the fighter he was 5 years ago but tito still destroyed shamrock three times. tells u something doesn’t it…

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Losing to your younger brother would be embarassing, but doing it without any fan interest would be worse. Ken could wind up looking like a joke, and that would be too bad.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Ken Shamrock should get himself a boat and a drinking problem lol that would at least generate some interest in what he’s doing.. these lame attempts to garner media attention is laughable at best

  • THORAZINE says:

    Frank Shamrock has always spoken highly of ken even when Frank left the lions den. Frank did it because he wanted to learn more and evolve as a fighter….apparently Ken never thought Frank could make it in the MMA in the early days, and Frank had a lot to prove and went out and did it. We’ve all seen Ken on TUF and know what he’s like, I think Frank is definitely the more stable of the two. I believe both of them feel it’s an opportunity to get them in the spotlight. Ken has nothing to lose, I mean what other fight would fans want to see Ken fight in? I think outside the UFC this may be the only fight that fans would want to watch either one of them fight in for big $$$.

  • bbjd7 says:

    I don’t think it’s a big deal at all since Brothers fight bare knuckle all the time it’s just not put on TV.

    Also I believe the only reason Ken trained Frank was because Bob asked him to and I also remember hearing Ken and Frank never really got along and it just got worse when Frank trained at the Lion’s Den.

  • bubbafat says:

    Frank’s born name is Juarez. And I don’t know if I would feel any different if they were biological brothers. Good for the sport or bad for the sport, I don’t think I like it, really.
    Shamrock, in the second.

  • Shawn says:

    I don’t see the problem. It’s marketable and brothers face off against each other in any other sport. On top of that, brothers always fight so why not do it in public for money.

  • Anton K says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea… smacks of spectacle marketing. IMHO bad for the sport, especially both fighters are past prime. What’s next? Father v Son? Mother v Daughter?

    Dog v Man? Man v Bear?

  • Anton K says:

    How about python v alligator?

  • Justafriend says:

    Shame on them and the ppl who see this as something ordinary, this is exactly what Filho said when asked about helping CL out… They should do something about their arrogance and try to honor their father in a good way, instead of trying to make quick money and please kids who think this is a videogame…

    Just like Anton K said, whats next python v alligator?

    p.s Dice if u read this hit me up on [email protected]


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