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Sam Caplan’s review of WEC 31

I realize I am very late with my thoughts on the WEC show that took place this past Wednesday but it’s been a crazy week for me.

I’m not going to give the event my usual thorough analysis because I watched it via unconventional circumstances. As I’m sure you’re aware by now if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I was in Los Angeles earlier this week to tape “Inside MMA” for HDNet.

I was at LAX while the event was taking place and while I DVR’d the event, things have been so crazy that I haven’t had time to sit down and watch it. My hope was that I could possibly watch it at a bar in the airport but I scoped out three separate bars and none of them had Versus. I was kind of dismayed because all three bars carried DirecTV so I know it was available to them.

The biggest disappointment was encountering a sports bar that didn’t carry Versus. Dude, how can you present your bar as a “sports bar” and not pay the extra $9.95 a month to pick up the basic sports tier that contains Versus? That bar should have its liquor license revoked.

After my search proved fruitless, I contacted a writer that shall remain nameless via IM. He’ll remain nameless so that his innocence can be protected. But after informing him of my plight he informed me of a means in which I could watch the event on my computer. This method is probably not the most legal way to watch an event and I have always shied away from the type of thing. However, I had a seven hour wait at LAX and the surreal mixture of Christmas music and sunny 50 degree weather started taking a toll on my sanity after about hour four. I needed to see some good MMA and I needed to see it now.



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