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Ryan Gracie dies at the age of 33

I’m a little late with this but I’m still playing catchup (and probably will be for most of the week). However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Ryan Gracie was found dead on Saturday at the age of 33.

The details surrounding a cause of death are a little bit sketchy, per the Associated Press:

The 33-year-old Gracie, who competed in several international ultimate fighting events, was arrested Friday after allegedly stealing a car at knifepoint, crashing it into a concrete wall and then trying to steal a motorcycle, police inspector Paulo Bittencourt said.

Bittencourt, head of Sao Paulo’s 91st police district where Gracie was locked up in an individual cell, said that during the morning roll call Gracie did not respond.

“When I went to his cell, I saw him lying on his mattress,” Bittencourt said. “He had no pulse and a reddish liquid was coming out of his mouth. It seems to me he died of a heart attack.”

The Agencia Estado news service quoted Gracie’s physician Sabino Ferreira de Farias as saying that, at the time of his arrest, the fighter was taking antidepressants and anti-psychotic medication.

Globo TV said Farias tested Gracie’s urine shortly after his arrest and found traces of cocaine, crack and marijuana. Bittencourt would not comment on the unconfirmed reports, and Farias could not be contacted at his drug rehabilitation clinic.

Click here to read the AP article in its entirety

  • Evan says:

    Live hard die hard.

  • d-train says:

    its a sad day for the gracie family… the circumstances leading up to his death may have been wrong and morarly improper, but no one deserves to die alone (especially on the floor of a jail cell when they are intoxicated)… rip ryan gracie.

  • truth says:

    pretty much a reall asswipe. one less drugged mugger on the streets.

  • HexRei says:

    actually ryan was a talented fighter but a troubled man. whatever happened to him he did not deserve to die alone in a jail cell.

  • Evan says:


    Why not? Its the end result of the lifestyle he chose. A car with a family’s inside getting slammed by a drunk driver and dying doesn’t deserve to die but it happens all the time. They didn’t chose to be hit by a drunk driver.

    Some guy living with his life full throttle like this chose his death. I doubt he was so ignorant to not know what he was risking.

    Its sad that someone pissed away their life like that but I wouldn’t feel sorry for him.

  • HexRei says:

    I guess I’m just a soft touch.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    By all accounts, Ryan Gracie sounded like he was a real scumbag. You wouldn’t feel sorry for him if he were some random idiot that did the exact same things, but since he’s a Gracie, we’re supposed to have sympathy? Sounds to me like he deserved his fate.

  • Scotchontherocks says:

    I feel sorry for his brothers. Renzo’s a hell of a guy, and I hate to see him hurt.

  • Andrew says:

    Those of you who have no compassion for life I say this….I feel sorry for you. It is a terrible thing to become addicted to a narcotic. Do you know the depth of sadness some people go through just to mask their pain with numbness? Do you have any clue to the amount of people that accidentally get addicted to pain meds and then need something more and more and more…..then your drug owns you. Your family disowns you. The public hates you. He was a life. He was at one time an innocent child. Something somewhere went wrong in his life regardless if it was a choice. I don’t condone what he did. I am sorry for his fate and his families loss. I only hope others can learn from his mistakes. Peace!

  • Evan says:


    Perhaps you need to re-read this write up and the comments.

    “cocaine, crack and marijuana.”

    I’m going to go ahead and safely assume he chose to use them and it wasn’t by accident…Once again, he chose this life and the risks.

  • Dizzle says:


    For every action there is a reaction.

    I’m sure no one put a gun to his head and made him make the choices that he had made. If you hang out with crack heads…you become a crack head.

  • Andrew says:

    Take my sister for instance…. She took pain pills because of an accident. She was prescribed oxycottin (sp) and she got addicted. She tried to stop but it kept sucking her back in. She moved on to more potent drugs and became a victim of addiction. She died from an accidental drug overdose. You guys are totally missing the point in the first place as to the circumstances that drive people to do what they do. There are voids in peoples lives that drive them to make bad decisions whether it be for attention or acceptance or even numbness of pain. I have lived through it and seen it first hand. These aren’t my opinions they are facts. You say he chose the lifestyle…but why? Why did he choose it. What drove him there? Do you think as a kid he saw himself in a jail cell convulsing not being able to breathe slipping into a comma and dying? Too bad my kids have to live in such a insensitive world. No compasion for the lost whatsoever.

  • Dizzle says:

    Andrew…like I said you make your own decisions. The doctor prescribes you something…you have a choice to take the medication. If she thought it was bad she should have talked ot her dr. and got something less potent prescribed.

    I have no remorse for heavy drug abusers…my brother was on crack cocain for 4 years of his life.and I have to add it was the worst 4 years for our family not knowing where he was at and what he was doing.

    He turned his life around based off of right decisions and the motivation to do better.

    Nobody make decisions for me…I make my own decisions based apon facts that I gather through life.

  • Evan says:

    What drove him there? Some people like to live that way. Plain and simple.

  • Andrew says:

    That’s no different than saying you have no remorse for a person that was killed in a car crash…Well…screw them. They are the ones that decided to get in the car in the first place, right? You assume risks with everything you do and sometimes those risks whether getting in a car or plane or even taking medication was advised with the best of intentions. My sister was prescribed something necessary at the time. She didn’t know the dangers until she stopped taking them and it was too late. The addiction was there. the body needed it but the brain didn’t want it. the body drove the brain crazy and gave in.

    Thank God your brother was given four years of that life style and lived in the first place. No thanks to you that is….No remorse, right? Just let the bastard die in a gutter right? You don’t care for him…right? Oh but wait…he turned his life around. Now we can love him because he is normal and not embarrassing us. Why was it the worst four years for you? You have no remorse for those type of people. it’s not what your brother was but what he could be. It’s not what Ryan Gracie was but what he could have been. Bottom line it is a tragedy that drugs took a hold of him. He is a human being…a life.

  • Dizzle says:

    Pretty much Andrew. I don’t have time for low life scum bags. You have 3 strikes with me…and the third strike I just don’t bother to waste my time with an individual. I have a hard enough time paying my own bills to have to worry about someone else.

    I have no remorse after the fact that you get let down when trying to help a family member out.

    A saying that my father has told me my whole life “you can only help the ones who want to help themselves”

    Everyone has a “choice.”

  • Evan says:

    Andrew…..there is a difference between driving and doing drugs.

    One is a slight risk thats comes with living in the modern age the other is a dumb risk.

    Now go make a Britney Spears youtube video for him.

  • Andrew says:

    Ooooooh….sheeeesh. Ouch Evan. Wow, ummmm. Not sure what to say. I mean….damn. U’re good.

  • Evan says:


    You ned to stop associating your sister with what happend to this guy.

  • Andrew says:

    No, you know what? You guys are right! I am glad he is dead. it brings me joy that he is nothing more than a rotting corpse.

  • Dizzle says:

    Finally something I agree with you on Andrew! =D

  • Evan says:

    Andrew…think with your head. You are being so dramatic.

  • Andrew says:

    Sooooo dramatic. Think with your head……..sooooooooooooooooooooo dramatic.
    Here let me speed this up…..

    I say…no, I am being apathetic! and then
    You say….more like pathetic! and then
    I say…Your pathetic. and then
    You say….no your pathetic. and then
    it goes on and on and on….Why?

    Because love to Debate. I am going to agree to disagree. I stated my opinions and that is all they are. Opinions. I hear yours as well.

    Dizzle I am glad we could finally agree. take care gentleman. I will keep an eye on this post to read any reply. Merry Christmas to ALL!

  • Piscal says:

    Innocent until proven guilty


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