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Tito Ortiz on the Celebrity Apprentice (video)

This clip is freshly uploaded to YouTube – it’s Tito Ortiz talking about his chances in the new show The Celebrity Apprentice. He thinks the contestants will think of him as a dumb bruiser. Maybe they don’t know his secret weapon is a certain Ms. Jenna Jameson.

The new Apprentice begins airing on Jan 3rd. Lennox Lewis will be also be on the cast.

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  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Almost 1 minute of Tito Ortiz talking and he didn’t even say the word “fans”… astounding.

  • Phreak says:

    Hey, let’s see the clip of Lewis pushing him. Pure gold! I guess when you’re battling for street meat rights on the corner of 3rd and 6th, it can become quite a hotbed of competition for every last bun. lol. War Team Punishment HotDogs – “When you hit the streets, you can’t beat our meat!”

  • bubbafat says:

    Ortiz vs Lewis eh? I’d fricken pay to see that.


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