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It’s official: Michael Bisping moving to middleweight has revealed that Michael Bisping, the light heavyweight winner from the third season of The Ultimate Fighter, will be moving down to middleweight.

“Even though I’ve never fought at middleweight, I’ve gone back and forth with the decision to go down pretty much my whole career,” author Ant Evans quotes Bisping as saying. “Even from my very first pro fight (April 2004), people were telling me that I was a little too small for the light heavies. But I kept winning and, at least before I stepped up to the UFC, I was winning easily so I didn’t really take much notice.”


  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Doesn’t matter whether he’s light heavy or middleweight. He’s not a top-tier fighter in either weight class. No way he can stand with Franklin, Henderson or Silva. In his next fight he’d better show some of the potential from his season on TUF or he’ll be old news. His fights against Hammel and Evans were unimpressive.

  • Rich says:

    I say good luck to him. He’s a good fighter and I’m looking forward to him fighting at 185. I can’t see him being top-tier in middleweight just yet but he’s looking better every fight.

  • Dizzle says:

    UFC is in need of some good middleweights right now.

  • What about the Hamill-Bisping rematch? If this move prevents that from ever happening, that would be a shame.

  • Andrej says:

    Matt Hamill rematch? Why? Matt Hamill did a poor job in that fight. He had an awesome first round but showed nothing in round’s 2 and 3. I have no wish to see such a match. Although if they set up Stephan Bonnar vs Matt Hamill that would be ok in my mind.

  • xx2000xx says:

    Top-teir, need to prove himself etc……… All should be answered in one fight. Bisbing vs Okami, that will be his ladder.

    That fight is too simple to book, they have to do it.

  • “Matt Hamill rematch? Why? Matt Hamill did a poor job in that fight.”

    Uh… how about because the first fight between Hamill and Bisping was the worst judging screwjob since Quinton Jackson’s “win” over Murilo Ninja Rua?


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