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Kimbo Slice on ESPN’s “E:60” (Video)

In case you missed it, here is the video ESPN has made available of the E:60 story that Rachel Nichols did on Kimbo Slice.

Notice Tito Ortiz towards the end trying to “hate” on Kimbo. Is that Tito being real, or trying to set up something for the future? Because who wouldn’t pay to see Kimbo vs. Tito? Even the people who will say they’d never pay for it would give in and pay for it.

  • sleak says:

    Indeed, that might be one that I would pay for as an exeption… Man, that’d be exciting!

  • Chris says:

    The part with those morons sitting around the table in the beginning is hilariously bad.

  • Chris says:

    Also, I wonder if Gary Shaw really understands how the internet works, or thinks that Kimbo actually came out of his computer.

  • Lated says:

    Personally, I think Kimbo is all hype. He hasn’t even fought any high-caliber or even decent fighters for that matter. Put his ass in the ring with someone like Fedor, Mirko and we’ll see how he really stands up. He reminds me of Bob Sapp, but I like Bob Sapp far more than this Kimbo guy. Internet hype is all it is.

  • i think titos afraid kimbos gonna knock his bobble head clean off his shoulders. Gary and his son a kind of goofy in this video but kimbo and bas come out of t looking good.

  • CacophonyKid says:

    I’d love to see Kimbo Slice v. Brock Lesnar.


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