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UFC All-Access Featuring Wanderlei Silva to Air on MTV2

According to’s Calendar, UFC’s All-Access with Rachelle Leah, featuring Wanderlei Silva will be aired on MTV2 on December 27 at 1am ET/PT.

In addition to this, MTV2 will also air replays of the “Countdown to UFC 79: Nemesis” on December 27 – 29. “Countdown to UFC 79: Nemesis” will premiere on Spike TV on December 26 at 11pm ET/PT.

Don’t expect to see Silva sporting any Xtreme Couture gear on this production.

  • Dizzle says:

    does UFC have some kind of deal with MTV2?

  • Paul Balsom says:

    this is very possible… it IS airing in the middle of the night though. so, maybe it’s a little trial deal. no news on that yet.

  • Dizzle says:

    I think they should do celebrity MMA on MTV like they did Celebrity Boxing.

  • Tanner says:

    It’ll be on SpikeTV the night before.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    the Countdown show is on the night before…

  • bigfish042 says:

    What about when it will be on SPIKE???? You know, the UFC’s cable home???? WHAT They are advertising on MTV2, without saying when regular watchers of TUF on SPIKE can catch it????

  • Paul Balsom says:

    I put links on my posts for a reason…

  • paddiosf says:

    The UFC is trying to capture more “Pop Culture” demographic airing on MTV2…Zuffa knows that alot of it’s success or fanbase was established on the Spike network…It makes sense because the UFC image is “Pop Culture” the Tattoos, graphic tee’s, the trendy hair cuts it’s all what’s hip…So to air a show on MTV makes total sense….What ever happen to that CBS Deal that was being thrown around on the different sites?????


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