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UFC acknowledges “Big” John’s retirement has an article written by Thomas Gerbasi which pays tribute to the career of long time UFC referee, “Big” John McCarthy.

After the UFC didn’t make a mention of his retirement during his last bout as a referee at the Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, many fans were upset and felt the UFC were disrespecting the many years of service McCarthy had provided them. The article however seems to suggest that is how McCarthy wanted it:

John McCarthy – who retired as an active referee following last weekend’s main event – was noticeable by being barely noticeable, making all the right moves and all the right calls, a fitting end to a 13 year journey that saw McCarthy become as much a part of the UFC as the great fighters who have graced its Octagon. 

The article goes on to outline the role he has played in the organization since his appointment as referee at UFC 2 and also has a few parting words from McCarthy at the end of the article.

Sure it may only be an article on the UFC’s website and the services he’s lent to the UFC over the year’s should be honoured more in the future (induction into the Hall of Fame perhaps?) but at least the UFC isn’t just sweeping him and his legacy under the carpet because he has decided to part ways for non Zuffa related MMA programming.

  • steve24 says:

    I wish they would have made an announcement at the Finale, he does deserve it. I agree, Zuffa is a little hurt that he’s going somewhere outside Zuffa.

  • C.C. says:

    Or maybe this really is how John wanted it. When in 14 years has he ever called the slightest bit of attention to himself?

  • Ross says:

    Goldy kept referencing Big John as the best, I kept waiting for him to finish the thought. very strange but hey the ufc has a rep to keep up of burning everyone that doesnt play along.

  • Greetings

    I do not doubt that Big John would rather go out this way. As far as him going elsewere, He should be able to go and do whatever he wants to do. He is a wonderful asset to have and any orginization would be glad to sign him on.

    With Respect

  • Ben C says:

    Big John did call a press conference to announce his retirement, So Its seems a little weird that they claim he wanted to keep it quite. But thats just the way the UFC’s PR machine seems to work.


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