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Sherk: “BJ Penn is a Punk”

sherk_no_beltAfter recently being stripped on his UFC lightweight title, Sean Sherk shared some sentiments about UFC lightweight contender BJ Penn in an interview with

“I think BJ Penn is a punk. Who the hell is he? He’s won one fight in a couple of years now and it’s just whatever man. He wants to make all of these rules and regulations, but who the hell is he? I’m the champ in my eyes so I don’t care if he fights me or not, there’s a whole bunch of guys that could fight me right now. It’s his loss, not mine. He needs me more than I need him.”

Penn will be facing fellow 155-pound contender Joe Stevenson at UFC 80 on January 19, 2008 for the lightweight title. UFC President Dana White has already said that the winner of Penn/Stevenson will make his first title defense against Sherk.

Special thanks to for the heads up.

  • Evan says:

    And the hype begins

  • Rashad #1 says:

    lol sounds like Sherk is suffering from roid rage

  • Evan says:

    Rashad #1 for the win!

  • What a joke. Sherk has a lot of nerve to call Penn a “punk” given that Penn isn’t the one who just tested positive for steroids.

    Also, the quote, “He needs me more than I need him” is ridiculous. If Penn beats Stevenson for the belt and is then the full-fledged UFC Lightweight Champion, at that point Sherk would need to fight Penn to get a title shot.

  • hankd says:

    Awesome…more motivation for BJ to whip some arse…

  • Jeff says:

    blah blah blah, penn spanks him, juice or no juice. penn is an unstoppable force at 155.

  • dice says:

    Actually Ivan I have to agree with sherk on this one. If penn beats joe daddy, there is going to be rumblings of how he still isn’t the champ since he hasn’t beat the champ. It kind of reminds of penn himself, when he left after beating hughes. Most people still felt BJ was the champ until he lost to hughes in their second fight. Sherk is no chump and is easily the biggest fight for penn at that weight.

  • Cory77530 says:

    What a crybaby!! What did he expect people to say after he got caught juicing…I don’t blame Penn at all for saying he doesn’t want to fight someone on roids…He fights fair why shouldnt he want his opponent to as well….I’m losing more respect everyday for the CLASSLESS Sherk….I don’t care who wins Penn or Stevenson as long as one of them beats Sherk senseless oh wait he’s already there…thats my opinion I could be wrong…

  • Tanner says:

    #7 Dice – that makes sense if you ignore the fact that Sherk was stripped of his title… He didn’t have to fight the champ to become the champ because its vacant

  • ” If penn beats joe daddy, there is going to be rumblings of how he still isn’t the champ since he hasn’t beat the champ.”

    Anyone making that argument would have to ignore the fact that Sherk tested positive for steroids (ie, very hardcore Sherk fans) or just believe him that “he didn’t do it” (ie, Dana White). If you’re the champion in an MMA promotion’s lightweight division or any other division and you test positive for steroids, you “deserve” to have lost the belt just as much as you would if you actually lost a fight. At least there’s honor in losing a fight; there’s no honor in testing positive for steroids.

  • jaydog says:

    BJ kicked Sherk when he was down by saying that he never wants to fight a convicted steriods user. The response from Sherk is to be expected. He’s adamant that he didn’t do it and it offends him that BJ would pile on. Personally, I don’t care if I ever see Sherk fight again because it’s boring to watch him overpower fighters that would be entertaining against nearly anyone else. However, I’d rather see him beaten in the cage than see him rendered irrelevent through media statements. I’m crazy about BJ Penn, and I wanna see him beat both Joe Daddy and Sherk if I’m going to keep singing his praises.

  • Tommy says:

    The Champ was a juicer, period. Can’t call yourself a champ when you cheat and got caught for it.

  • Slakdawg says:

    #8, I know what you’re saying, but does anyone else come out and say that kind of stuff? has anyone refused to fight Tim Syliva? Or Josh Barnett? Or Phil Baroni? Not that I’m aware of. Having the title stripped in the fashion that it was (much controversy, Sherk adamently denying it, mess up with the CSAC, and a subsequent reduction of suspension, followed immediately by Sherk’s assertion that he is innocent and willing to pursue this further), I can see why there would be some who dispute the legitimacy of the new title holder. At least until the new champion fights Sherk.

  • tombstone teeth says:

    Sherk is wrong, he needs BJ more than BJ will ever need him. I’d gladly drop $39.95 to watch a BJ Penn fight, on the other hand to watch a Sherk fight I might pony up with pocket lint and some stale cheetos. BJ will wreck this juiced up melonhead in due time.

  • Dan Cruickshank says:

    About all this talk that Sherk (idiot) thinks Penn needs to beat him… um… I know they’re very subjective, but I don’t think I’ve seen one Top 10 Lightweight poll that has Sherk above Penn. Hell, I’ve seen Penn at #1 and have seen Sherk not even make the list. To you Mr Sherk, good day sir.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Dude, the truth is… BJ Penn has done very little to warrant a #1 voting in a ranking system. People (including the 5oz. rating system) who are voting him #1 are doing so based on potential, not what he’s actually proved in the last few years. In the last three years, BJ has beaten Renzo Gracie and Jens Pulver, and only the Pulver fight was at lightweight. I’m not saying Sherk is better than Penn, but you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to see that fight. It’s a great clash of styles.

  • Anton K says:

    We’ll see what happens if Penn beats Stevenson… I don’t know if Penn deserves the hype/ranking or not, but I dig the way he fights. He’s far more entertaining than Sherk, that’s for sure… and he had the balls to get into it with Machida for god’s sake.

  • Anton K says:

    Not to mention that he beat Gomi. And he probably wasn’t even stoned!

  • steve says:

    you all keep saying bj penn vs sean sherk dont count joe daddy out! haha stevensons deffintily got heart and i think if he trains hard enough this could be a really great fight coming up. as for the whole steroid non sense i mean yes sherk is a really strong dude but hes not some type of superhero who can just overpower anyone in the ufc anybodys got a chance against him look at little kenny florian he put up a great fight against sherk he lost but still a really good fight.

  • Dizzle says:

    Shrek just needs to work his way back up to the top.

    But he shouldn’t be talking trash about Penn. He should do his talking in the ring when he’s able to come back and fight.

    He’s just trying to hype things up for his return, but I don’t think that Shrek should get an instant title shot. I think he should have to work his way back up as punishment for what he was convicted of.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    I agree with that… however, Dana White already said he gets an immediate shot at the Penn/Stevenson winner… whatever.

  • Dizzle says:

    That’s stupid if you ask me.

    How are you going to reward someone that was convicted of doing steroids an immediate title shot when they are able to fight again?

    I think that is a mistake and it just shows you that the UFC isn’t punishing their figthers when they get convicted of things. I think the UFC should evulate the situation more before just giving him a title shot.

    He needs to work for a title shot and prove that he is ready to fight without the help of performance enhancers.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    I think they believe that they are solving their punishment problems by stripping Sherk of the title. Truth is, most of the average viewers don’t know or care that this is going on. They see “title fight” and they watch… that’s it.

  • All I’ve seen Penn say is that if he fought Sherk he would want the dude to be drug-free. Seeing as Sherk is sidelined on a roid suspension, I don’t see where he has room to flap his lips about it. He can talk all he wants about Penn’s record the last few years but besides three decisions, Sherk’s success has mainly come in small shows. Penn has ONLY fought for UFC, K-1, and ROTR.

  • Oh, and he’s a Mundials champ, which we all know is a strictly punk event.


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