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Kimbo Slice to Be Featured on ESPN’s “E:60”

This Tuesday at 7pm ET, ESPN will air a new episode of its new documentary show called “E:60.” The show follows a number of different stories involving sports, usually 5 or more stories in one episode. In a previous episode, “E:60” ran a story exploring Mixed Martial Arts as a sport, highlighting Pat Miletich’s gym in Iowa.

On Tuesday, December 11, “E:60” will be run a segment featuring Kimbo Slice. From the looks of the preview, the story will explore his upbringing and road to becoming a mixed martial artist. Whether you support Kimbo Slice or not, this should be an interesting segment that is brought from an unbiased standpoint.

Again, “E:60” is aired on ESPN, Tuesdays at 7pm ET.

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  • mike "mikie" swift says:

    i can remeber living cross the hall in westview terrace that when kev was clean cut and basically a family man. he was digging in to semi-pro football at the time i can remeber him giving me a buisness card with the miami knights football team logo on it i still got that card til this day any i would see kev doing his bouncer thing at various clubs and things like that then i heard he took a fall then about 2001 0r 02 i see this bearded phenom pound the hell out of some other dude in perrine well at the end all i could see was the gold teeth then i looked closer and i was like heyyyyyyyy! thats kev! man i think i watched that underground dvd for bout 3 days straight showing it off to everyone hey was always competitive and agressive even on the field he has a son that is a spitting image of him i used to coach his son in lil league optimist football that kid is a force to be reakoned with he’s a beast like his father was on the grid iron. if yall could down at the espn office tell kevin “kimbo” slice fergueson its “305” all day and give my dog his bread!!!

  • chris Ridenour says:

    I can’t wait to see Kimbo Slice on E 60! Nice wook ESPN!


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