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Team Kimbo wants another shot at Sean Gannon


I recently had the pleasure to interview one of my all-time favorites, former UFC heavyweight champion and current IFL color commentator Bas Rutten.

Bas has added co-producer to his list of many roles in MMA as he’s involved with a new MMA documentary called “Potent.”

Potent, which is available at, is an in-depth look at what it takes to be a successful fighter in MMA and includes testimonials from the likes of not only Bas but also Frank Shamrock, Mario Sperry, Dean Lister, Dan Henderson, Murilo Bustamante, Shawn Tompkins, and many more.

I was not only able to interview Bas about the movie for but I was also able to ask him about a change in his role with the IFL, whether Xtreme Couture will be a featured team in the league next season, and his thoughts on star pupil, Kimbo Slice.

According to Rutten, Team Kimbo apparently wants another shot at Sean Gannon:

Q: Have you discussed an opponent at all?

BR: No, absolutely not. We would really like to have Sean Gannon, the guy he lost to on the Internet, because they changed a lot of rules with that fight. That fight was purely boxing and suddenly knees started getting involved and the choke holds and he started clinching, and that was not just the match. I think it’s really been bothering Kimbo and I think he wants revenge.

That match is high on the priority list and hopefully Tank Abbott is one, too. Apparently he made some videos and said some things about Kimbo. When you put those videos out I think you should not only just bark but you should fight and take the fight.

You can read the interview in its entirety by clicking here.

  • Dizzle says:

    a rematch with Sean Gannon is pointless if you ask me.

  • Andrej says:

    More like a joke right? How is it possible that he is not asking to fight Brandon Lee Hinkle. Kimbo Slice is becoming more of a side show than anything.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Side show or not I still like watchign him fight..

  • jaydog says:

    Give him two fights with experienced fighters who won’t take a dive. If people still want to see him after that, then he deserves to be a star. Is MMA turning Kimbo into a pro fighter, or is Kimbo bringing MMA back into a spectacle.

  • brian says:

    it would be nice to see him fight tank…the old mma brawler takes on the internet

  • Josh says:

    I just watched that fight last night for the first time. And there is absolutely NO way Sean Gannon could stand toe to toe and swing it out with Kimbo. The knees he threw, I can see letting them go because they didn’t do much damage however, all that clinching he was doing is what saved him from getting knocked out.

  • russ says:

    A shot at Sean Gannon I agree is pointless at this point now. He be just another washed up fighter for Kimbo to destroy…I mean does anyone know if Sean is still active in MMA or is he out? I think his plans are to fight another over the hill mma fighter..Ken Shammrock????
    Sadthing is Kimbo can beat Ken,as Ken likes to standup too much nowadays and is old and slow…When Kimbo wins we will hear the annoying announcer screaming: He’s for real,folks,Kimbos for real.He defeated a living legend,lol. Is’nt that about what he said when he defeated an overweight,out of shape,over the hill Tank :)

  • cline says:

    i can see josh and russ know nothing about MMA or fighting in general Imean does Kimbo’s camp think in MMA there is no knees or elbows or chokes.When Kimbo meets a real MMA fighter it will show he is nothing more than a street thug and a disgrace to MMA everywhere.

  • Bust DatAzz says:

    Face it people, Kimbo got his ass whooped by Gannon. He would have had it kicked more if not for the TNB that occurred in the fight. As soon as Gannon started winning, all Kimbo’s “homies” had to go jump in. Why? Because Kimbo got his ass kicked by a white guy! That’s why!?!?!? Kimbo is a punk ass busta who wants to be in MMA, but as soon as MMA tactics are used on him, then all of a sudden “it’s unfair and cheating and illegal moves”. Get that pussy shit outta here! If I ever see Kimbo, I’ll one punch his sorry ass and walk away while he lies there unconscious and bleeding. Bitch ass mofo! Kimbo ain’t shit!

  • Beans Da Man says:

    Oh Snizzapp! I heard ButterBean called out Kimbo! That would be the shit!!! ButterBean would destroy Kimbo. I’d pay to watch Kimbo get knocked the fuck out.

  • Snappy Davis says:

    Word, Kimbo is a bitch ass. Kimbo might be a good character in the WWE, but once he starts fighting “real” MMA opponents he’s gonna get his ass kicked 10 times worse than Gannon did.

  • Braunchy Bunker says:

    Word, that’s the prob with Kimbo. He think he all badass, but when ya go back and look at his vidz ya see all he doin waz fightin bitch azz niggaz!!! A real mofo would bust his azz!

  • PitFighterFan says:

    Isn’t Kimbo the guy who played SouthSide Jim from Pit Fighter? That character was AWESOME! He’d stick his face out, point to his chin and say “Right HERE!” then Ty would spin kick his teeth out and beat the shit out of him with a Kendo stick and stab him in the gut.

  • Shaun says:

    kimbo’s 1-0 amateur and 2-0 pro right now against mercer, abbot, and cantrell. he’s not going to have a real challenge till he’s at least 5-0 pro i guarantee it. assuming he wins against thompson he’ll fight probaly sean gannon who got dropped by the ufc but beat kimbo on the internet and he’ll fight hopefully don frye next who’s pretty good in my mind, but basically a punching bag. there hasnt been a single real ground fighter at elite xc so far. so he’ll fight antonio silva for the title hopefully sooner than later cause silva’s really the champ anyways.

  • Mr. Stick says:

    I know dudes where I train that would drop Kimbo and have him tap out. Being a punk ass out on the street, fighting thugs in a bare knuckles competition don’t prove squat. If Kimbo can last in “real” MMA competition, then he gets credibility. Just cause he beat up on some lame homeboys doesn’t get him any respect from me. He’s got to earn that! If Kimbo’s crew didn’t jump in on the Gannon fight, he would have been destroyed. Gannon took a beating and had Kimbo’s ass until everyone cried foul and jumped in. Did Kimbo do some damage to Gannon? Sure, but was it enough to win: NO!

  • Russdawg says:

    Why doesnt everybody just shut the hell up and we will see what happens with Kimbo. He can only get better and not worse. You are all forgetting that he is being trained by one of the best mma fighters in the world, Bas Rutten. Does that not count for anything. Yes it does. Also, he did not get his ass whooped by Gannon. He was whooping Gannons ass and ran out of energy. He definitely has a stamina problem though.

  • Mr. Stick says:

    Yea, all that training is payin off. Kimbo got knocked the fuck out in like 10 seconds Friday night by some no name chump white boy. Kimbo’s nothing more than a bitchass. Now that he’s fighting “real” opponents and getting his face busted open!!!!

  • Robert says:

    IT was 14 seconds and it was saturday night not Friday but you probably got mixed up because you and you’re bitchass friends were to drunk to remember what happened.

  • Mr. Stick says:

    14 seconds when the ref stopped it because Kimbo was all fucked up. I’ll whoop Kimbo’s ass, he ain’t shit! That fight proved Kimbo can’t take a punch. He got hit once and he went down, game over. Kimbo should have kept fighting homeless bitches off the street like he was famous for. Nothing makes me happier to see one these punk ass niggas that talk all that shit about how bad they are with their in yo face attitude get the living fuck beat out of him. Why do you think Kimbo bolted so fast after the “fight”? He wouldn’t even do an interview, instead pulled that lame “It’s all good, I’m going to the after party” bullshit. Somebody please tell Kimbo his 15 minutes are up!!!

  • pete says:

    Gannon fights out of a good camp in Boston,Mass. Mark Delagrotte’s school(Ken Florian,stephan bonnar). He is certainly not the best heavyweight out there. Kimbo swings for the fences and has no ground game… Put him against a guy like frank mir(BJJ blackbelt) If he doesnt get the immediate knockout he gasses out and is trash. All respect to Bas but if he looked at the internet Gannon fight he would see Kimbo initiated double leg grasping(takedown attempts) and loose clinching before gannon locked a standing guillotine. Kimbo is a character and interesting talent to get a draw for cbs and elitexc….but It is a far stretch to call him,butterbean or even tommy Morrison true MMA athletes.


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