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No real beef with Luke Thomas of

I just saw this post from Luke Thomas at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?

I wanted to concur with Luke’s post. I don’t have any issues with Luke. I consider him a friend and I consider a friend to 5 Oz.

I don’t feel Luke singled me out but I do feel like I was included in the group of sites he had an issue with in regard to the lack of coverage of Sam Vasquez. I didn’t agree so I spoke up.

Luke and I agree on certain things and we disagree on others. The great thing about Luke is that he and I can have a major difference in opinion, debate the issue, and neither of us take it personally. In fact, you’ll hear me as a guest on the next edition of WhoopAss Radio.

I also don’t have a major problem with Ariel Helwani of Once again, I didn’t agree with something he said so I spoke up. If he invites me to do an audio blog with him again, I wouldn’t hesitate to accept.

A big part of operating a compelling blog is to make sure you don’t keep strong opinions to yourself.


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