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George Sotiropoulous: “I didn’t know I had 5 minutes to recover”

On a video interview with TUF 6 semi-finalist George Sotiropoulous on, the Australian states that he was unaware that he had 5 minutes to recover from the accidental poke in the eye he suffered from Tommy Speer.

Favoured to make it to the final and fight Mac Danzig, Sotiropoulous was instead knocked down and then pounded out in the first round of his semi final matchup. In the video interview conducted by post fight the Team Serra fighter states how after he sufferred the poke in the eye he was seeing double vision.

He goes on to state how he tried to stop the double vision by closing his injured left eye, but at the same time he was met with a thunderous right hand from his opponent which dropped him to the mat, where he was eventually finished.

George Sotiropoulous is now scheduled to fight on the main card of the TUF 6 finale against Billy Miles who was submitted by John Kolosci in the first round of the Ultimate Fighter competition.


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  • Evan says:

    Was he never told or did he just not pay attention when he was told?

    These guys are put together in one room and the rules are explained to them all at one time to ensure they are all told the same thing.

  • Ryan says:

    Kolosci, not Arroyo, submitted Miles

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    All I could hear was Serra saying over and over again “take your time, Jowj, Jowj, you got foive minutes, Jowj, take yowah toime – you gawt foive minutes, Jowj”

    Apparently, the eye wasn’t as much of a problem as his hearing.

    Serra even commented – or maybe it wasn’t him – that he’s seen that before with “tough guys” getting back at it ‘too soon’.

    And as Evan said, they’ve heard it, and I’ll add that these guys are in the semifinals, they’ve heard the rules more than any of the other fighters.

    George got caught. G’night, mate.

  • Dizzle says:

    Has George never fought before? Come’on Excuse after excuse for alot of these fighters now-a-days.

    He knew he had 5 minutes..I’ve never seen a UFC Event where there wasn’t a accidental knee/kick to the groin, our a finger in the eye.

    Plain and simple he lost the match fair and square.

  • mikemick says:

    Just like he commented that his teammates are grown men and should be able to wake up on their own, he should be a grown man and accept defeat.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Weak excuse, Georgie. I am not a fighter and even I know that rule. I don’t doubt that the thumb in the eye affected his vision as it had already started to swell by the time the action resumed but he should have known the rule.

    Interestingly, I rarely see fighters use the full time allotted or actually say they are too injured to compete. Probably just a combination of machismo and all that adrenaline flowing through their veins. But if George did not know that he had up to five minutes to recover, do you think he knew that if he could not finish due to a illegal strike at worst the bout would have been declared a no-contest and possibly a DQ to Tommy. (Probably not a DQ because the blow was unintentional.)

    Not that anyone should want to score a cheap win via DQ but isn’t that preferable to losing because the other guy got in a illegal blow which affected your ability to compete??? I am sure if George said I cannot go on due to double vision in that eye everyone would be calling him a pussy or worse but it is worth considering. That certainly would have thrown a wrench into the works if the fight was ruled a NC. Lucky for Dana and Company, Spiratopolopoulos made the decision to keep fighting…

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    and unlucky for George, that Tommy unloaded a right hand directly at the left side of his head, sending him to the floor and his first ever KO….

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I don’t think that right from Speer was luck. Tommy boy was smart enough to know where to throw. His previous fights proved that he was the toughest fighter on the show, both mentally and physically, and now he looks like one of the better tacticians. If decides to stay in MMA and works with a good team, the sky’s the limit.


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