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Exclusive: EliteXC offers contract to women’s champion Tara LaRosa ( has learned that BodogFIGHT Women’s Champion Tara LaRosa recently received a contract offer from EliteXC.

The news was confirmed by sources within EliteXC and also a representative from LaRosa’s camp.

While EliteXC was unable to confirm, LaRosa’s representative revealed that she has received a three fight offer from the promotion. However, a deal does not appear imminent as LaRosa was said to be unsatisfied with the initial offer.

  • bubbafat says:

    The man gets his students to compare him to a character in a book in the Bible(almost blasphemous). Tells his guys he needs them to give him a reason to stay, and then says “I never had any intention of leaving”. Says he’s not a sore loser, loses a bowling match, and storms out like a bitch(double standard). And what makes me hate him the most is when he fought St. Pierre the second time he said, and I quote verbatum”The French don’t have the fighting spirit.”(prejudice)
    I can’t stand Matt Hughes. I don’t doubt he is probably the best welter in MMA history , but he’s such a fricken’ jerk. Serra’s right, If you look at his poster he looks like he’s taking a tinkle.

  • Carano would not last very long on the ground against LaRosa, or against Shayna Baszler, or against Amanda Buckner.

  • Carano’s ass is doomed.

  • Johnny P. says:

    Very telling that the story is about Tara LaRosa, but the discussion always adjusts to include Gina Carano. Carano gets alot of heat for the excellent promotion and MARKETING she gets, but she’s always in the conversation. Just saying:) And I think Baszler and LaRosa would beat her, from what I’ve seen.

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