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Cobra Kai’s Marc Laimon: “Turn his head like it’s a steering wheel” (video)

In the latest video from the “Laimon’s Terms” series from Raw Vegas TV, the cameras follow Marc Laimon as he coaches his Cobra Kai boys at Grappler’s Quest.

Why you should watch: In the middle of a match, Laimon tells his fighter to look over at him and shows him what the move he’s doing should look like. Simply Awesome.

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  • I’ve been to a Grappler’s Quest in Vegas where Mark Laimon was present. Let’s just say, you really notice him when he’s in the room, and he’s no friend to the referees. Think about how annoying Matt Serra is when he’s coaching his guys, then imagine him a little louder and lot less, um, calm.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    marc laimon is a sh*t talking idiot.. lost all respect for him when he was on TUF Comeback when he was dissing on Royce Gracie… wtf have you done for this sport Laimon that gives you the goddamn right to say anything about the Gracie’s.. Serra getting in his face about it was pretty cool though.

  • Dizzle says:

    haha reminds me of my wrestling coach in High School. He would grab one of the wrestlers while you were in your match and show you what to do. It’s really helpful expecially when you wrestle someone with more experience than you or when you’re getting fustrated that none of your moves are working.

    Great coaching.

  • Gabber says:

    Marc Laimon is a total wad, I wish Serra would have smashed him.

    And not only do I think he was a moron, but look at those lame assed socks he wears. 😛 I wish he would have the nuts to step in the cage against an MMA fighter. 😀

  • Laimon rocks

    People hate him cos he speaks his mind and says shit other people haven’t got the balls to


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