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5 Oz. T-Shirt Contest Winner Announced reader Jeremy has won the 5 Oz. T-Shirt contest for his nomination of Urijah Faber vs. Jeff Curran as a replacement for the canceled Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra match at UFC 79.

Here’s what Jeremy wrote:

When losing a title fight on a card, in my opinion the only way to really replace it is with another title fight. That’s why the UFC did such a good job with the replacement, it still keeps the same meaningful fight on the card. Unfortunately for the UFC the rest of their title holders are seemingly already busy. Silva has Henderson in March, Couture is in his contract fight, Rampage is probably going to fight on Superbowl weekend(if the UFC is smart), and Penn is fighting Stevenson in England. So no one was left.

Unless you consider the WEC. Urijah Faber is their biggest attraction and is in arguably in his toughest fight with Jeff Curran. Why not use the Faber-Curran fight as a WEC showcase on the UFC PPV. It should be a very good fight and helps give the WEC great exposure. The WEC card would still be fine with 2 title fights and Jens Pulver-Cub Swanson fighting. I would think this would have been the best title fight the UFC could have put together considering everything else.

We received a lot of nominations and I just want to thank everyone who entered.

If you entered and did not win but would still like a t-shirt, you can order yours today by clicking here and going to our store area. Shirts are just $25 (for medium, large, and extra large) or $27 (double extra large). The price includes shipping and handling.

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  • Dizzle says:

    Congrats Jeremy. Great pick choices both staff and you Jeremy.

    You wont be dissapointed when you get your shirts. They are excellent quality no doubt!

  • jaydog says:

    The winner submitted a thoughtful suggestion and made a well reasoned argument. Congrats, Jeremy. However, I just don’t see a couple little dudes built like pre-pubescent boys selling many pay-per-views. NYE demands match-ups with a sensational element, and above all: BEEFCAKE (see my Ultimate Warrior comments). Jeremy said that the only replacement for a title fight is another title fight (he’s right, cuz that’s just what they did with the interim title for what that’s worth). I would counter that the only way to replace a heated rivalry is with a heated rivalry or maybe a big debut, a la Brock Lesnar. But, hey. This post is tasting of sour grapes. So, I’ll cut it off here. Again, congrats. My $65/mo for Direct TV doesn’t include the Versus channel. So, I won’t get to see the Faber/Curren fight…. :0(

  • Jeremy says:

    jaydog, you are totally correct, at least I would think so, with the fight not attracting a huge ppv number. Once you lose your title fight though I would think the UFC would know that getting a huge ppv number is probably not gonna happen. That was the reason putting together Hughes-GSP was so huge for them. It should attract a big ppv number still.

    I was just basically trying to think of the best, possible fight they could put together on short notice. And the Faber-Curran fight seemed to fit in there, especially since they were also both training for the fight.

  • drdanders says:

    I thought we couldnt list guys who were already scheduled or were just coming off fights, or who were contracted to other organizations. Faber/Curran was already booked. Although the WEC is owned by Zuffa, it’s a separate organization….I cry fowl.

    Congrats to Jeremy…I would still rather see a Griffin/Jardine rematch though

  • jjdnb says:

    well fine. if you don’t like my pick, well I don’t care. I didn’t want a shirt anyways! /cry 😉

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    jjdnb – fear not, there will be another contest soon and that means another chance for you to win!

    If we continue to get a good response for our contests, we’ll continue to reach out to MMA companies for cool prizes.

    That being said, if you readers have ideas for contests, please SHARE THEM. We are open to all suggestions. Thanks!
    _ Matt

  • Dizzle says:

    Fantasy UFC Picks for the December Show this month.

    Whoever picks the most wins thats include who wins, how they win, and what round they win in.


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