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Is Parisyan Afraid to Fight Fitch?

A recent interview with gives an interesting look into the mind of Karo Parisyan.

PDG: You’re in one of the most clustered divisions in the world right now. Georges St. Pierre and Matt Hughes are in the picture to challenge Matt Serra, and then you and Jon Fitch are right there. Do you think you could be facing Jon anytime soon while those other three sort things out?
Karo: People are talking about that, I don’t know. The deal is I think I already have a title shot if I want to wait. If I wait I can get my title shot I guess in six or seven months from now, which is a long time away, and I don’t want to mess up my plans of getting my title shot. Now I would love to fight Jon Fitch, but if I fight him and god forbid something goes wrong and I lose that fight it puts me all the way back down again and I have to work back up for a title fight. So if I am guaranteed a title fight now, I’ll take the title fight or if I don’t want to wait such a long time I’ll take another opponent who I have a more “guaranteed” win over. I still think I can beat Jon Fitch – Jon’s a very tough guy, but I think that if I am in shape that I can beat him eight out of ten times. But at this point I don’t want to jeopardize anything leading up to my title fight, so we’ll see what the UFC will offer and what I will take.

Parisyan has been talking for a long time about being “snubbed” by the UFC when he lost his chance at the UFC welterweight title due to injury. Now that he has the fight (that being with Jon Fitch to all but guarantee the winner a title shot, he doesn’t “want to jeopardize anything leading up to the title fight?” He seems to go back and forth on this idea in just this paragraph alone. I can’t help but believe, based on this interview, that Karo is threatened and possibly afraid by the thought of facing Fitch before he gets a shot at the title.

So far, there has been no confirmed news on whether anyone from the UFC has offered such a title shot to Parisyan. There is still a lot to sort out before we see anybody but Matt Serra, Hughes, or GSP in a UFC welterweight title fight.

  • Drewdoodoo says:

    Waiting could backfire on Karo. If he sits for six+ months while Fitch keeps beating top guys, he may find himself out of the picture or further back in line. If Fitch (or someone else) makes some big statements between now and then, they could be more marketable than a guy who hasn’t seen action for half a year and doesn’t finish people.

    However, taking half the year (or more) off is starting to be a prerequisite for that particular belt.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    If both Fitch and Karo dont fight for 6 to 7 months because they are waiting for a title shot… I’d have to give the shot to Fitch. If Karo sits back and doesn’t fight he could get swallowed up by the rest of the division, like Thiago Alves etc.

    He needs to fight again in Feb/March. I like Alves or Fitch as opponents.

  • HexRei says:

    “I can’t help but believe, based on this interview, that Karo is threatened and possibly afraid by the thought of facing Fitch before he gets a shot at the title.”

    Well yes, that’s pretty much what he says, he states outright that he thinks fitch has a 1 in 5 chance of beating him. I believe he is a seasoned fighter and is simply being pragmatic. Any fighter who doesn’t admit they could lose is lying or dumb.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    The fact, is Karo thinks he is worthy, over anybody else in the division, of a title shot, which is just wrong at this point. AND, he somehow thinks that, by waiting for what would probably end up being a year and dodging a fight with somebody who would probably beat him, that he would impress all his critics and the higher-ups at Zuffa and he will be granted a title shot. That is madness and total poppycock. You know this.

  • drewdoodoo says:

    Hex, knowing you are human is one thing. Thinking you deserve to be a champ and dodging someone at the same time is another. Didn’t Karo say in his last prefight interviews that he was going to keep working his way up no matter how long it took or who he had to fight? Karo had yet to impress me with his decision wins. I’m not bashing him, but worthy of a title shot, nope. If he waits for a title shot for his next fight, it won’t be there.

  • garth says:

    “Probably” beat him? The only chance Fitch beats Karo is a dominating lay’n’pray bout, and karo’s hard to get on his back. And who’s so far ahead of him anyways? The way I see it GSP, Hughes, Serra, Karo, Fitch. That’s my top five. Not a lot of guys ahead of the Heat. I wouldn’t argue with anyone if they put Fitch one slot ahead of Karo…he’s on a helluva a winning streak.
    So that puts either one or two guys ahead of him, and one of them is hurt.
    So how is Karo being weird here? I think he should fight Fitch, personally. I like seeing top contenders fight for #1 status.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    How is he being weird?? He’s a FIGHTER and he’s afraid of FIGHTING to deserve a title shot.


  • a. hieronymous says:

    Karo’s more chicken than the Shwarma plate at Zankou. If he can’t handle Fitch, how the hell does he think he’s gonna have a chance against GSP or Hughes? Is he hoping to get Serra’s first fight after back rehab? wtf

  • Tom K says:

    Karo “earned” his shot when the division wasn’t as stacked as it is now. If he wants a title shot after the Serra/GSP/Hughes triangle is done working itself out, he should earn it by beating someone who is also worthy — like Jon Fitch…

    He’s a professional fighter. If he’s dodging people to try to keep his title shot, would he as a champion continue dodging people to keep his title?

  • paddiosf says:

    Karo blew his chance for the title against Diego Sanchez…They really have to fight because GSP/Hughes and then Serra fights that winner…So who’s left in that division other than Fitch and Karo…..Fitch by beating Diego would be the next in line…..

  • Shawn says:

    Clearly dodging Fitch. The worst part about this is that he’s going to wind up fighting the guy anyway and comments like that are not going to look good in the pre-fight build up. He earned his shot a few years ago when the division wasn’t as stacked and now there are people ahead of him. Guys he’s beaten recently like Fickett, Chonan, and Burkman are all solid guys but he’s also lost to Diego who, despite being one helluva fighter, is on a two fight losing streak. Jon Fitch beat Diego. Both Fitch and Parisyan are at about the same spot right now and they need to battle it out for the belt. What makes Parisyan thinks he’s more deserving than Fitch at this point? Fitch has been clear in that he thinks the fight should happen and Karo should embrace the fact that that is where he is at right now in his career and stop kidding everyone. There can only really be one true number one contender at a time and with Hughes and GSP fighting for an interim title to see who fights the legit champ in Serra, we need to find out who that new number one contender is after these fights are over.

    Publicly dodging a fight that fans are clamoring for does nothing but negative things for a fighters career. Since Karo can’t seem to figure out the right things to say he looks like he needs to hire a PR person. I’ll do it for free as long as he agrees to take the damn fight and stop trying to tell people he’s the number one contender instead of going out there and proving it.

  • jaydog says:

    Champions wait for fights. Contenders fight until everyone demands he gets a shot.

    It’s reasonable for Karo to wait and see how the Serra injury shakes out and where he fits in the aftermath. I mean, someone who has paid his dues like Karo is bound to expect a title shot (and I’m sure he’s being strung along by UFC brass). However, after a time he’s gotta admit that there is some impressive competition in line for the title. The only way to get a shot is to earn it by continuing to pay dues.

  • hhhhh says:

    Let Karo fight with Manny on his shoulders!

  • CacophonyKid says:

    Best idea I’ve heard all day!

  • Arturo says:

    I’m surprised that nobody took offense with the whole “fight someone that he is more guaranteed to beat” basically he wants a can to fight. Either he fights Johnathon Guilet or he wants nobody. That is not a fighter I want to root for. I think Fitch is ahead of Karo because the build up for Fitch has been greater lately. The Diego-Fitch fight had a bigger hype and was on a bigger card than Karo-Chonan. It seems like Karo will get his shot only if he can get through Fitch, which i don’t see happening.

  • Dizzle says:

    I say give him a title shot. Because I don’t see him lasting more than 3 rounds in a title shot.

  • Shawn says:

    I think the best point that someone brought up is Karo saying he’ll fight someone he’s more likely to beat. That’s cowardice from one aspect. If you truly think you’re the number one contender to the belt, you shouldn’t be scared to get in the cage with anyone and defend your status. Also from a fighter standpoint, it’s stupid to want to fight someone “you’re more likely to beat.” Karo, ever hear of a lucky punch? If he fights Fitch and loses, whether it be by decision, TKO, or submission, he’ll basically stay right at the spot where he is now and Fitch will get the title shot. If he beats Fitch, he gets the shot. On the other hand if he fights a “can” and wins, he doesn’t prove anything at all and doesn’t inch closer. If he loses to a “can” he will drop in the rankings. It doesn’t make sense.

    Seriously Karo let me be your PR guy for any interview. You can pay me by giving me some judo lessons and free beer on the weekends. It’s a win-win as you’ll have an extra sparring partner AND I can make better responses drunk off my ass than you did in that interview.

  • Anton K says:

    Look, I didn’t like Karo’s response either, but these ww contenders careers have been put on hold because of TUF for long enough. To hold the progression of the championship at bay because of a TV show is absolutely lame… and bad for the sport. Fighters like Karo risk a great deal by having to wait… or fight.

    Karo’s playing a conservative game because the UFC has forced him to. Fighters only have a certain number of fights in them. If there is no clear goal, it forces them to be more strategic in the choices they make.

    Let’s say Karo fights Fitch and wins. Is he supposed to fight again, after that, before he gets his title shot?

    Same goes for Fitch – so he fights Karo and wins. It would be six months before he’d get a title shot, too.

    The UFC has to stop messing up the progress of the sport for a lame tv show. It’s taking fire away from fighters who have worked very hard to be in the spot they’re in.

  • THORAZINE says:


    whata knucklehead’


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