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Dana White on Couture vs. Fedor: Never say never

UFC president Dana White was a guest earlier this week on the Carmichael Dave sportstalk radio show in on KHTK in Sacramento.

Dave has a longstanding relationship with White as a radio guest that dates back several years and always conducts great interviews with him.

During the course of the interview, a potential match between UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture and PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko was brought up.

White surprisingly responded to the question by saying “Never say never.” When pressed for details, White gave no indication of any ongoing negotiations but commented that he has pulled off bigger things in the past and went on to add that he won’t say he can’t or won’t make the fight happen.

White also revealed that he spoke with Couture the night before the KHTK interview took place. He offered little in the way of details and concluded by saying “We’ll see what happens.”

Other highlights from the length interview includes:


  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Sweet, thanks Sam. I saw the dude that runs the interview post some message on Sherdog about people posting questions for him to ask Dana. I closed the window before any discussion of what happened in the interview was posted up and I never found the topic again.

    I always enjoy a Dana White interview, he’s never short of news… well never short of alluding to potential news. I reckon they should really bring back the latest news segments that they used to have back in the day. The ones where Goldberg and Rogan talk to Dana White on what’s going on in the UFC. They were always a good source of info.

    I’m standing by my thoughts that the WEC doesn’t need a middleweight division. They have the 2nd best Middleweight in the world as their champ and then absolutely no one else. Literally no one else. They have to go out and get free agents like Chael Sonnen to come in for one fight and lose. They could just scrap it and say they are trying to focus more on the lighter weights and Versus doesnt have to feel screwed and 80% of the public will be none the wiser.

  • Dizzle says:

    Such a great interview recap.

    I think that maybe down the road with M-1 gets established Dana might really consider trying to setup a fight with couture vs. fedor. I’m just wondering how the rules would be applied to the fight. I’m sure that Dana would want the fight in his cage with his rules, but I don’t know how Fedor or his management would feel about that.

    Either way I think if it doesn’t happen Dana is just throwing that out there so Couture knows Dana is thinking about his needs and wants.

  • Kelvin says:

    Dizzle…unless M-1 gets established QUICK…that fight will be pointless..the longer it takes…the older Couture gets..

  • Dizzle says:

    So true Kelvin.

    Couture isn’t going to be fighting when he’s 50. I think that the fight does need to happen as soon as possible. And maybe it would be a great thing if the fight happened before M-1 gets established. Because you can bet that there could be some cross promotion going on to promote both businesses at the same time.

  • Evan says:

    I wonder how stable M-1 is right now? Maybe Dana knows something we don’t.

  • Gabber says:

    Man, Fedor vs. Randy carrot again? Or just a repeat of the numerous rumblings we heard about Chuck vs. Wandy, well, I hope so. We’re seeing it I just hope it’s not in the same capacity of the Chuck vs Wandy (Fedor & Randy on the way down)

    I really think Zuffa is doing themselves a great disservice with not advertising this WEC card everytime they have UFC content, Pulver gives them someone in the WEC who is easily recognizable by casual fans, would be the perfect way to give them UFC/Zuffa related MMA for the price of a cable station.

    Cupitt, I can’t remember exactly, but I thought Filho or Silva had some relationship existing or something, they weren’t really interested in looking at doing the fight, not sure exactly, but I think it was along those lines.

    I’d just really like to see someone destroy Carlos Condit, I hate that dude. 😛

  • jjdnb says:

    let sign this fight and let Randy catch another beating followed immediately by retirement. And Randy lives happily ever after, in the critical care unit of the nearest hospital.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Yeah Anderson Silva and Paulo Filho said they are friends and they used to train together but they’ve both said that they would eventually have to fight even if they didnt want to. I believe thats why Filho left Brazillian Top Team to go to Team Link so that he wouldnt be training with Silva anymore.

  • bubbafat says:

    Numerous rumblings or not, Chuck and Wandy is happening. And I think that the Randy and Fedor fight is just as likely to happen.
    Dana White is a hard ass negotiator, but this isn’t Pride that he’s dealing with.
    If I’ve read correctly, M1 was started by Fedor’s long time friend and manager. So for the Fedor fight to happen it just requires one thing.
    Fedor has to want it. All the contenders M1 has to offer he’s already beat, or they’ve never fought anyone near the top. M1’s only choice is to make this fight happen. Unless you want to see Barnett get worked again , or Hong Man Choi get chopped down.(what a joke)


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