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Filho Seems Uninterested in Training with Liddell (Updated)

The Brazilian website TATAME posted a short article regarding Chuck Liddell’s request to train with Paulo Filho for Liddell’s fight against Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79. The following article has been run through a translator:

Paulo: “I would not train American to fight with Brazilian”Jiu-jitsu black belt, Paulo Filho travels on December 8 for the United States to do his first defense of belt against Chael Sonnen, in the WEC 31, which happens on December 12. In exclusive interview with TATAME, Paulo told how it went to prepare for the fight and commented on the invitation he received to train Chuck Liddell in the struggle against Wanderlei Silva in the UFC 79. “I would never train with an American to fight with a Brazilian. I am not a slut, or a prostitute,” said the champion middleweight of the WEC. Check the interview in the full text, tomorrow morning, here in the site TATAME.

Whoa. Doesn’t look like Filho’s interested. ***UPDATED: READ MORE FOR FULL INTERVIEW*** Now, mind you, this has been run through a translator. Everything doesn’t translate over perfectly. Also, I’m no speaker-of-Portuguese, so I did not take any liberties in changing the translations. I am assuming the untranslated word, “trocação” has something to do with a striking or stand up style of fighting. Enjoy.

Who is going to accompany you in the WEC? With who trained?
The (Josuel) Distak and the Amaury Bitetti are with me. I did a work with the Thiagão Medeiros, which is my pupil, with the Distak, which cannot be lacking, with Rafael Manteiga, with the Amaury Bitetti, with the Arona that was here yesterday with the Minotauro to help me, with this people.

What the Chael Sonnen finds of?
It is a face I last, with back ground of Wrestling good of fall, it knocks down very well. I am going to have to be careful not to be knocked down, but if as fortune I to fall for bass will have some surprises for him. I will not have the problems what I had in my another struggle. This time I am not taking any more medicines to sleep and am going to be strong and fed. We are going to see in what it is going to give.

How the weight is?
At the moment I am with 93 kg, because I prefer to leave to take away at the last moments, since I do not want to train weakly. I want to train strongly and with this weight I do not damage my training.

Are you close with the Team Link? One is going to move for the United States?
I am close with Team Link yes. They have a fantastic infrastructure, it has Gabriel Napão who is excellent and I will be going to act they here. I have the interest to live in America, but for the time being I am going to stay here.

What you gain with this change?
I was very well received there. I did several seminars and I believe that the sport has greatly growing there. They have a very good infrastructure there, have the Napão that gained weight, it is stronger and is the best fighter. I think that I win and they also, with my name and my knowledge.

The Thiago Silva is an athlete of Jorge Patino Macaco and of the Chute Boxe and also it is in the Team Link. Will you have any problem in training with him?
I have not anything against the Thiago Silva, he is excellent and only I have to congratulate it. He only faced quarry, they are that the great fighters are simple, like the Stench, by me, the Shogun. This behaviour erases, does not need to be doing faces and mouths, I think them to myself what he is still going to ripen. He is going to learn what the champions also lose. I think that he has total condition to be the champion of this category. He is to be congratulated.

How it will be the struggle of the Napão against the Fabrício Werdum?
I was the arbiter of the first struggle and the Napão was better in the beginning, I am them that he was prepared badly physically and the Werdum finished turning. I was very much criticized in the time because the stick ate in the struggle and I did not interrupt. But are the two black belts and I did not feel what they wanted to stop, then as I am going to put the hand in the struggle? I think that it is going to be a war. The Napão is excellent and the Werdum also. I prefer not to give hunch and wait for a great show.

What it finds of the defense of belt of the Anderson Silva against Dan Henderson?
I entrust 100 % in the Anderson. I think that he has to train more the clinche because the Henderson is wrestler, believe them to myself that he will not bring problems to the Anderson. The Anderson is more long and in this weight he is “undefeatable”.

You received proposal to train Chuck Liddell. Did you accept the proposal?
Really the proposal was done, I did not accept them to myself. It would never train with an American to fight with a Brazilian. I am not a slut, or a prostitute. We are we against the foreigners. I was for there now and I saw which athlete in America has everything he needs, they are treated well and here in Brazil it is the opposite. So then I am going to train with the foreigners? I am a Brazilian until I die.

How it will be this struggle does it erase against the Liddell?
An advice for the Wanderlei is which struggle is not it fights. If he is for the frank trocação with the Liddell it is going to fall. He has Vale-Tudo wrestling and not Muay Thai fight. He has to put down and to punish the Liddell. This is the way from the stones. I support him. It is a face fighter, he was already a bouncer of bar, he is a Brazilian and is a destruction of the Americans.

A new organization, the M-1, is doing events in Japan with all the staffs of the Pride. What it finds of that? You will fight again in Japan?
First I have to do my life in America. I am going to have to try again now that I have conditions to be a champion. I am going to have to kill another lion. After my contract to finish, I am going to study the proposals and I will choose the best. It would like returning to Japan because I am adapted to the climate of there. I am a fighter of BJJ, what is a style that does not please very much the Americans, whom they prefer trocação, I me them wait that the Americans start to admire mine also. Already in Japan, them they prefer this another style.

  • Orlando says:

    Iam not a slut or a prostittute……hahahaahahahahahhahah that might just be the best quote ever…

  • Tommy says:

    He hate Chute but won’t help an American beat one of their old stars? Sounds to me like he hates Americans even more.

  • Zurich says:

    That’s it, Paulo is clearly a terrorist. Take ’em out boys…

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Those Brazilians stick together…

  • paddiosf says:

    Good, Liddell seems like he desparate, wow what a differece a year makes…Liddell seemed unstoppable before Rampage got a hold of him…

  • jaydog says:

    Clearly, Paulo’s just having trouble weaning off of the Pride roids, right Paul?

    Seriously though, Filho has a right to his loyalties. The relatively small money in MMA may not be enough to buy the entirety of a man’s soul, just every part you can stick a logo on and the hand that holds the energy drink. War Bra-sil. Oh, and it’s a good idea for Liddell to work on his grappling, cuz Wandy is a BJJ black belt, right?

  • Paul Balsom says:

    That’s funny “Jaydog.” Your input is greatly valued.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    “Oh, and it’s a good idea for Liddell to work on his grappling, cuz Wandy is a BJJ black belt, right?”

    No, it’s a good idea for Liddell to work on his grappling because Wanderlei is training with Randy Couture. Chute Boxe’s BJJ looks more like sloppy wrestling.

  • paddiosf says:

    This fight isn’t going to the ground, who are you guys fooling…..These guys are coming out swinging……

  • jjdnb says:

    “This fight isn’t going to the ground, who are you guys fooling…..These guys are coming out swinging……”

    I wouldnt be surprised at all if it hits the ground. With Randys master mind planing, I think Wandy will come out strong and rough Liddell up in the first round or 2 then shoot in for the take-down and try some ground and pound.
    I’d rather just see Wandy KO Chuck in the 1st round and be over with it.
    Chuck’s been running and hiding, but no more of that, mooowhahahah!!!

  • jjdnb says:

    I love Wanderlei Silva, in a totally un-gay sort of way….

  • Bob Langevin says:

    That is called a “Man-Crush” jjdnb, you have one on Wanderlei… It’s ok to admit it, thats the first step to recovery.

    I don’t think that this fight will hit the ground to much, maybe a couple shots to score some points for the judges, but this will be a slug fest. Wanderlei will win, Chuck has problems with fighters that can outstrike him, there are so few we don’t see it often, but we will with Wanderlei. Chuck will eat a few, and once on the defensive, I could see him being taken down, but not for any serious ground fighting attemps, just solid game planning. This is not a 5 round fight, a couple takedowns could win it if timed correctly.

    I am totaly impressed by Filho, he has never had to many nice things to say about Chute Box, or Wanderlei. I would have totaly thought he would be a guy to step up to help prep against Wanderlei, or Shogun. I’m glad to be proven wrong, I am a fan on many Brazilian fighters and It’s cool to see a little National pride, even when its for a rival.


  • steve24 says:

    whoa… lets post the rest of the article NOW instead of starting rumors!!

  • steve24 says:

    most likely reading the full interview you highlighted a certain “quote” to headline your article to stir up some shit.. i highly doubt Filho has negative things to say about chuck.. but you make it seem that way..

  • Paul Balsom says:

    well cool guy, the web site hasn’t released the full interview yet or else i would. chill out man bro. Still a pretty strong quote though. I don’t think he is going on to be like, “I’m not a slut, or a prostitute! But Chuck is a really awesome guy and I totally would train him, but my daughter has a “football” game next weekend.” So calm down…. whoa.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    …so yeah. Just ran the full interview through a translator. Doesn’t seem much better “steve24.” Check it out.

  • Da Twin says:

    i couldnt understand that interview

  • Grape Knee High says:

    “I was very much criticized in the time because the stick ate in the struggle and I did not interrupt.”

    What a great friggin’ translation. I have no idea what he said, but it sounds awesome.

    Regarding Filho’s weight, I’m not sure what he was trying to say, but he usually claims he gets up to 100 kg between fights. I still think he’s carrying too much weight. Once he gets to the big show, I suspect he’s going to find his frame too small to compete at 185.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    I understand the frustration while reading this rough translation. It has only been run through an online translator. I think that much of the problem is with slang and modern terminology that translators may not be familiar with. I ran this interview through several translators, and got pretty much the same results. I am working on getting this interview translated by an actual person, but this is what we have for now. I did not post this to try and portray Filho in a bad light at all, this is just the news as I’ve been receiving it. Hopefully I can get a hold on a better translation.

  • steve24 says:

    Paul, your right. My bad!!!

  • “I entrust 100 % in the Anderson.”

    Backed. I am also not a slut. I like Filho even more after this.

  • Filho should have trained will Liddell because he got his ass kicked royally by Chael Sonnen in both the standup fight as well as ground and pound and it wasn’t until the end of the last round when Sonnen tried to finish Filho with ground and pound that Sonnen got caught otherwise Filho got totally dominated like Geroge St. Pierre did against Hughs.


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