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“Cro Cop” Eyeing a UFC Return in January made notice of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic’s personal web site, and an interview that takes places with Mirko.  He answers a lot of questions regarding his immediate return, and his future in MMA.

“I think my next fight is going to happen in January.”      

We know that UFC 80 will be taking place on January 19 in Newcastle, England. “Cro Cop” has made appearances in most of UFC’s recently UK fight cards, so this would make a lot of sense for a return.  In addition to his immediate return, Filipovic also made statements about his future in MMA.

Did you think about ending your career?
Mirko: I did think of it the night after my last defeat, but I’m not going to end my career soon. I will have 5 or 6 fights at least. Maybe even more, who can tell. Every fight could be your last one. You can suffer from a fatal injury, you can break your leg or arm. If I’ll be able to fight I’ll fight, it’s my life and my choice and I enjoy doing it.  I have a very strong motive, especially because of a number of “wise” Internet users saying that I’m done.  I will prove they were wrong.

More “Cro Cop” news to come.

  • Dizzle says:

    Don’t hate on cro-cop because he will always prove you wrong.

    I can’t wait…he’s the fighter who got me into MMA. I love watching him compete…even if he gets knocked out by a head kick.

    Cant wait the best news I’ve heard in a while.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    No hate here. He’s a quality dude. However cliche the following statement is, the cage and no roids is certainly an obstacle he needs to overcome, but I think he’ll overcome it. Exciting news. Cro Cop will always bring more buzz to a card.

  • Dizzle says:

    Cro Cop isn’t on steriods…HAHA where in the hell did u get that news at paul?

    He’s still a world class fighter…he’s only loss 2 fights in a row…look at what has happened to liddell…does he need to overcome the cage and roids too?

  • Young Duby says:

    Hate to be a critic as I love the site, but this old news. I believe I read this over a week ago now.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Uh… I don’t know if you’ve noticed the EXTREME size different between Cro Cop now, and 2003 Cro Cop?? If not, check out his jacked-up PRIDE photos. I also don’t know if you’ve noticed the change in size of Shogun, Wandy BIG TIME, and pretty much everybody else who’s come from Japan where there’s absolutely no regulatory bodies and the promotion is run by mafiosos. And you can’t tell me that Gonzaga didn’t use the cage to pin your boy down and rape his forehead until the fight was wrongly stood up.

    He’s a great fighter. One of the greatest. No doubt.

    Liddell needs to fall out of love with the flash KO. You know this.

  • Dizzle says:

    Paul that isn’t based off of factual information. I don’t think it’s professional to make these statements without facts.

    Look at cro-cop when he was in Kickboxing…he was small but young also. Your body changes within time my friend.

    Cro-Cop was never tested positive for steriods and nor did he ever look like he was on steriods. I have every Cro-Cop fight on DVD I’ve watched all of his fights. He never looked like he was on steriods. He’s a big guy at 6’1 no doubt…but never did it look like he was on steriods.

    You should point out facts before assuming someone is doing something without solid proof.

    Also check his weight with all of his other fights…he’s always within 220-230 which isn’t too far off considering he’s 6 foot.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    There is a BIG different between what I post on a news site, and what I CHAT about in a discussion forum.

  • JJ says:

    I would agree with Dizzle, there have been rumors but no need to make steroid assumptions. I love how he was talking about “wise internet users”, that must be people like Paul & the Sherdog community.

  • Paul Balsom says:


  • Dizzle says:

    No doubt…but still it’s not factual information. It’s your own persona opinion and I respect that 100%.

    No big deal Paul your still doing a great job on the site.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Gotta remember that news reporter and hanging out and talking are very different. I would never report speculative stuff like that, especially without some serious back up. Talking about this stuff is more than half the fun.

  • Dizzle says:

    It’s not big deal man…like u said it’s all fun talk.

    but admit it paul…ur just jeolous that his legs are probably bigger than your car.

  • Dizzle says:

    Paul I just got your email…I can’t respond back until our IT guy gets back from lunch…my emails down.

    I just can’t picture Cro-Cop taking steriods. I see what your talking about…he’s ripped in that Picture. But he’s not so big that he has to turn sideways to enter a building.

    U just hit me where it hurts. Lets just see what happens in january. If he loses I’ll probably do a few cycles myself and avenge his loss.

  • Anton K says:

    Dizzle –

    Where’d you get the Cro Cop DVDs?

  • “# 6 Paul Balsom Says:
    November 26th, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    There is a BIG different between what I post on a news site, and what I CHAT about in a discussion forum.”

    But you are posting in a discussion forum on a news site directly below your story.

  • Dizzle says:


    I bought them from a seller on

    I got the career set from kickboxing to MMA. I got it for pretty cheap the guy sells alot of other fight DVD’s. Take advantage as time and inventory is limited!


    Hey guys cut Paul some slack would ya?

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Discussion forum… exactly. Thanks Neal.

  • Dizzle says:

    Man I should have just kept my mouth shut. This has become quiet the big little deal.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Nah man. No big deal. A little debate is fun. Some people enjoy intensifying it. My news was that cro cop wants to return in Jan. And that he wants 5 or 6 more fights in his career. No big deal. Now chatting is somehow a problem. Whatever. The news will keep coming.

  • Dizzle says:

    hey Paul you’re on my good guy list…ur the one who wrote the post about Cro-Cop in the first place. Anyone who writes about Cro-Cop is on my good guy list. Debate is fun as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    What’s the big deal with steroid talk amongst adults? (I’m assuming we’re not Sherdog morons here…) I think it’s naive to assume that fighters do not use steroids just because there’s no hard proof; many of them use steroids just like many high level athletes in other sports use steroids. Obviously, it’d be irresponsible for, let’s say, Sam Caplan to insinuate such usage without proof, but I don’t get why fans shouldn’t allowed to speculate for discussion purposes?

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Paul’s initial point about former Pride fighters and how they looked when they fought in Pride and how they look now that they’re in the UFC is a valid one. When Sherk tested positive, it didn’t surpise me one bit. He was huge for his frame just like Wanderlei in some of the old Pride footage. Sure it’s circumstantial, but that’s still evidence.

  • Accomando says:

    “…I have a very strong motive, especially because of a number of “wise” Internet users saying that I’m done…”

    Fuckin’ fighters need to stop reading shit on the internet.

    First bisping, saying after the rashad fight, “I know I am probably going to get ‘flamed’ for this one, but I think I won the fight”, and now Cro-Cop coming back to prove “internet users” wrong?

    WTF is going on here?

  • […] before, his own site boldly proclaimed he had resumed training. A couple of months before that, Cro Cop seemed almost vengeful and even fingered January as a month he would return to fight. Looks like more “hurry up and wait” until we know if we’re ever going to see the […]


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