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Coming Monday: Your chance to win a free t-shirt from 5 Oz.! is celebrating the unveiling of its first-ever t-shirt by giving our loyal readers the opportunity to play fantasy matchmaker and a chance to win your very own 5 Oz. t-shirt.

Starting this Monday morning we will make a contest page live where you can nominate a matchup that you would like to see replace the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes UFC welterweight title match scheduled for UFC 79 on Dec. 29.

Myself, Matt Cava, and Adam Morgan will all serve as judges and we will vote on the best fantasy matchmaker suggestion. If none of the nominations record at least two out of three votes, a fourth judge will be asked to rule on the three matches that each received an individual vote from the three-man panel.

The rules are you can only suggest one match. Also, match nominations go on a first come, first serve basis. For example, if Jack Johnson nominates Joe Smith vs. John Doe, Jack Johnson gets that match.

But the most important rule of all is that the match has to have a realistic possibility of being booked. We’re not going to recognize nominations that include fighters who have just fought, or are already slated to fight, or are injured and unable to compete. You can also use names not on the UFC roster, but they must not be contracted to another promotion. For example, Fedor vs. Randy Couture sounds great but that has no chance of happening on Dec. 29.

I know the terms of this contest will make things hard, but that’s the idea! Do you really think we’d be giving away something as illustrious as a 5 Oz. t-shirt without making you put a little thought into things?

While leaving commentary with your nomination is not mandatory please remember that a judging panel will be voting on the nominations. The more compelling your argument is, the better your chances of getting your nomination a vote.

This contest will not be open until Monday. Any post in this thread will not be considered a valid entry.

five-ounces-shirt-design.jpgIf you’ve already ordered a shirt, this is a chance for you to get a second one, on the house.

5 Oz. t-shirts are only available in medium, large, extra large, and double-extra large.

If you don’t feel like being involved with the contest but still want a shirt, feel free to click here and go to our t-shirt ordering page.

  • brian says:

    i don’t care to win any prize i just want to see george st peirre against huges!! they were both promised title shots and its a joke gsp would have to wait over a year.they should fight and the winner gets serra!

  • Ben C says:

    Arlovski VS CroCop, I dont think this needs an especially compelling argument. This is a fight I was dreaming about When I heard that Crocop was signed to the UFC, and despite both fighters not being high up on the casual fans must see fights I think anyone that is a real follower of the Game would salivate over this fight.

  • bubbafat says:

    I like the contest idea and I”ll try to enter. But the UFC probably isn’t going to make any effort to replace that match. They’ll feel that Chuck and Wandy are enough to carry the card, and they’re probably right ’cause I’m still ppv’n it. They may create another match for the undercard and bump up Lister and Radev or something, but the replacement match will not have the same profile as Serra vs Hughes.
    You think they would have learned from Travis Lutter, not to tie up their frickin’ titles into the TV show. Now it’s going to have been a year before the title gets defended.

  • Rich says:

    I really think the same that Chuck and Wandi are gonna hold the card up well. But I would like to see Jon Fitch and GSP in a fight. Not saying that they have to fight each other but either one would do.

  • Zack says:

    Looks like the contest may not be necessary as Matt Hughes is reporting on his site that he will be fighting GSP on the 29th. He’s asked for it to be an interim title fight.

  • bubbafat says:

    what about the contest now ? how’s about changing it, from replacement fight for Serra Hughes at UFC 79, to interim heavyweight championship match.just eliminate the obvious Sylvia vs Minotauro?

  • hbdale309 says:

    Rogan vs. Snipes. Let’s gets this thang signed people. Do it. Dooo it.

  • jaydog says:

    I think I won the contest with my post on this site on the 23rd. I suggested an interim title match and I suggested the top two ranked welterweights (Hughes and GSP). My comment practically scripted Serra’s ironic predicament of rooting for Hughes. Lookin forward to my t-shirt.


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