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Parisyan reveals broken hand; welcomes bout vs. Fitch

Damon Martin from was able to catch up with Karo Parisyan following his win last weekend against Ryo Chonan at UFC 78. It’s a very revealing interview that I recommend you check out.

During the interview, Parisyan responds to criticism about his performance during the unanimous decision victory. He talked about how he only had three weeks of intense training at Xtreme Couture due to the uncertainty of his opponent and that he also entered the fight with a broken hand:

“My right hand is broken,” Parisyan stated. “I fought with a broken hand, on top of my wrist, on top of my hand, right above my knuckles, and I fought with that.”

The fact that fellow welterweight title contender Jon Fitch has been calling Parisyan out was brought up. It’s a match that Parisyan would like to see happen as well:

“I’d love to fight Jon Fitch,” Parisyan said with much enthusiasm.

Outside of a possible match-up with Fitch, the 10x UFC veteran still awaits a shot at the title and is unsure of his next move.

“We’ll see what’s in store for me,” said Parisyan. “Fitch or a title shot or what else is next?”

Click here to read the remainder of the interview.

  • Davey D says:

    This bout would be effin’ sweet. However, both fighter’s should come in beween 90 -100 % healthly due to the fact they’re both in the top 5 of the UFC’s WW class (IMO). This would eliminate all, if any excuses.


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