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IFL issues comment on talk of a deal with HDNet

Pro wrestling/MMA/boxing hybrid audio blog conducted an interview recently with HDNet Fights commissioner Guy Mezger.

Mezger revealed to interviewer Ariel Helwani that the IFL and HDNet have reached an accord that includes an agreement to televise the promotion’s World Grand Prix finals on Dec. 29 along with 2008 events.

Mezger left the impression that HDNet would be the sole carrier of the IFL’s WGP finals.

However, when contacted by (, the IFL offered a position that differed from Mezger’s comments.

“We are looking at several TV and new media opportunities right now and expect to have an announcement in the next week about December 29,” IFL Senior Vice President of Communications Joe Favorito said in a statement to “There has been interest among several entities and we are right now evaluating which one is best for the fans, the sport and the event itself. Nothing is confirmed.”

Mezger stated during the interview that an official announcement about the IFL and HDNet relationship is due to be made on Monday.

He also confirmed a story first reported this morning by contributing writer Adam Morgan, who stated that Sean Salmon is out of a co-main event against Jason “Mayhem” Miller scheduled for HDNet Fights’ next card on Dec. 15. He will be replaced by Tim Kennedy, who holds a previous win over Miller.

Kennedy is scheduled to fight on the undercard of the IFL’s WGP finals on Dec. 29 but we have learned that his involvement on the HDNet Fights card on Dec. 15 comes with the IFL’s consent. As of now, he is still scheduled to fight on Dec. 29 but a backup plan is being devised.

Mezger’s interview is very informative and I highly recommend everyone check it out. There’s tons of great audio content on, a site that I visit regularly.

  • I’m hoping the IFL can confirm this and perhaps even announce a working partnership for the IFL and HDNet Fights to coexist. In my area MyNetworkTV isn’t even available and even if it were an option I can’t say I’d pay to have it. HDNet on the other hand is very inexpensive and features MMA nearly everyday which is well worth my investment. Here’s to hoping everything is finalized soon…

  • ossBASHA says:

    The announcement next week will be that IFL WGP will be aired on HDNet, that’s what Mezger said. The IFL VP of Communications didn’t say anything different, he just wasn’t specific.


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