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Calling All Bloggers: Time to work together

If you’re a blogger that has reported exclusive news in the past and have seen your story appear on another large and so-called more “credible” MMA website without receiving any credit or attribution for your story, please e-mail me at [email protected]

There’s an alarming trend of these sites that claim to have more credibility than blogs that are using our reporting efforts for leads but not giving us the proper credit. Despite these unethical tactics, some of these sites still have the audacity to claim that they hold themselves to a higher-level of journalism than blogs.

Some of these sites try to push around blogs without realizing their true impact and reach within the online community. If one site files a complaint against one of the “big boys” then they can just brush us aside. But if we all work together though then we might be able to put enough pressure on some of these sites to force a change in philosophy.

If a website wants to have an anti-blog policy, then that’s their business. But it’s highly hypocritical to deny their just due yet still cherry pick the story. If you can’t quote us, then don’t use us.

Enough is enough.

  • Evan says:

    Funny you posted this…

    I was going to send an email to all the blog owners I could find this weekend about a certain site that has stolen from me and many of “you” recently.

    I got into heated argument with that site owner and they are still doing it. All they do is copy and paste stories and re-word it a bit and maybe link the site who broke the story.

    I even have some emails from one of the writers admitting they did it.

  • Sam – I’ve had tons of trouble sending mail to your Comcast address in the past. If you have an alternative e-mail, contact me with it so we can correspond that way.

  • Same here Evan likely with the same site, though I have been able to resolve the problems somewhat.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Zach, you have mail.

    Evan, feel free to e-mail me. I’d love to know who the site is. Perhaps I can help.

    Kris, I’d also like to know the name of the site. Feel free to e-mail me.

  • Dan says:

    “All they do is copy and paste stories and re-word it a bit and maybe link the site who broke the story.”

    As long as someone rewords it and gives a link/credit what exactly is wrong with that in any way?

  • Evan says:


    There is a big difference in quoting a site that had a story and adding in your thoughts vs re-wording a story someone else created. Because then all you have done is move their story to another site.

    Also notice I said “re-word it a bit” and “maybe link the site”

  • I had to admit it, but I agree in part with Dan

    I think if you’re reporting news as broken by someone else, then thats fair. A tip of the hat is more than fair.

    If you put up a story, then the news site in question conducts their own query off the back of that and writes their own story, they’re entitled to do so. Theres no reason why they should give you credit, you broke the story, they simply reported it later and in a different manner.

    I have a feeling the site in question is MMA Universe?

  • The problem is the MFA sites who use our RSS feed to populate their websites. If I repost a video I found on a blog I always give credit.

  • Dizzle says:

    dood all i see around the web for MMA is all the same shit. LIke a paragraph or 2 about a stupid little story that is usually a rumor.

    This site is true…has great information. I’d write a story or 2…but I don’t think anyone would be able to hold their breath that long to read it.

  • phyteguru says:

    I’ve had quite a few rumored/confirmed fights posted and I let the owner of the site know it’s exclusive. Of course they end up somewhere else shortly after. However, I haven’t seen anyone copy the exact article.

    Keep up the good work Sam.

  • Dan says:

    I think you’re going to find this isn’t something you can really tackle. It’s a fine idea and everything on the surface but consider that ESPN steals almost all of their news from radio shows or sites, very rarely giving credit. Shockingly, Peter Gammons and Tim Kirkjian don’t personally break every story in baseball.

    The best you could do is waste money and time with a lawsuit where you’d have to prove you were harmed by the process. Note in the legal world you rarely to never heard about this type of suit for a reason. At worst you could do the incredibly lame “internet threaten with a lawsuit” and just hope the site doesn’t call your bluff.

    It’s a good cause but in the world and media we live in it’s just not very practical. The best you can do is continue a kickass site/show and just get all of the original hits.

  • phyteguru says:

    PS: Sam, I just bought one of your shirts.

    I am really glad you GUARENTEE that I will get laid wearing this shirt. It’s about time.


  • Dizzle says:

    i think he ment get “laid out”

  • phyteguru says:

    I was totally jokin’ around Dizzle, but thanks for being tough on the internet.

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  • Dizzle says:

    I was joking too. You’ll for sure get laid with the t-shirt!

  • Sam Caplan says:


    Thank you for the support! I just got your order ready. I’m going to try and get it out in today’s mail.

  • clayton says:

    as a photographer, who actually does work in this industry from time to time, I would just like to know if this site gets permission for using the countless amounts of photography found on here? also, who are these other sites copying and pasting material so I know to avoid them.

  • I’ve seen two different sites do this kind of stuff for a while now and I’ll say that I noticed what happened this morning. I’m actually not sure if it’s ever happened to Scott, David, and I because I’ve never really checked to be honest.

    I also have a semi-beef with a Pro Elite blogger (not you Sam) but lately it seems that he has changed his ways a little bit.

  • MMA Junkie says:

    Breaking news: Choi not confirmed 😉

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Gee, I wonder which site had that first? :)

    And I wonder which different site had it wrong? Maybe it was the same site which posted a story about Yushin Okami without crediting the source when another site had broken the news the night before?

  • Tanner says:

    i saw the same this morning with Adam’s Mayhem vs Kennedy post. Interestingly enough Fight Network had the same exlusive…

  • THe Mayhem/Kennedy stuff came from a HDNets press release. i have it in my inbox as well.

    as for sites stealing id be curious to know who everyone is talking about because it happened to one of my interviews only a day or 2 ago. i was not pleased at all

  • Evan says:

    Hey chris

    Shoot me an email [email protected]

  • Rory says:

    Wow, I’m not sure if you guys are talking one site in particular but just looking at MMAUniverse, they seem pretty bold with their ripoffs. They just post shit from all over and attribute it to “Mick Bower”. Its not even re-worded or anything, one of the storys on the news page is a Bisping piece from The Daily Star.

    P.S. clayton, LOL. Way to put things in perspective. Good luck getting a response…

  • clayton says:

    Yeah, I’ve been waiting over a full day now and no answer from anyone on this site about the pictures/images they use. I hate to see anyone get ripped off for work they’ve done (writing or pictures), but if you’re as much to blame (which I feel this site and a number of mma blogs, which seem to be the worst offendersof this crime, yes it is a crime, are) then you should watch what you say. Thanks for the luck Rory, but it seems these guys are brave enough to fight only “some” battles.

  • Dizzle says:

    Clayton no reason to be so uptight about the images situation. Because there is no situations for using images. It’s an advertising/marketing tool used all around the world and for all I know these servers are hosted in some 3rd world country where those rules/laws don’t apply.

    Number one issue is that your thinking someone isn’t getting paid for an image that they took or is hosting on a server without permission. Well there is no money to be made off of this site by using people’s images. So why do you take all this time and energy to bitch on this site about something so pathetic. Noone here is doing anything illegal. I would watch out what you write on here Clayton…you could be the first IP Address banned from the site…which could be done with a few clicks of the left mouse button.

    I think you’re trying to cause trouble on this site and that isn’t cool. We are all reading the story’s on this site. We’re not looking at pictures because alot of the times there are no pictures with the write ups.

    So instead bitching about images…think of a better thing to bitch about…Like assholes going on blog sites trying to get people in trouble or something.

  • clayton says:

    Actually what you described is illegal and if a photographer that took a picture, you’ve chosen to truly steal, wanted to sue, you would lose dearly. I’ve seen lawsuits like that on an almost monthly basis. It’s actually a highly illegal trend that has increased enormisly since blogging in any industry became popular over recent years. How on earth is that an advertising/marketing tool when viewers have no idea who took the picture or where you ripped it off from? Just find it extremely funny that your blog/site is having issues with people “stealing” breaking stories when this same site is stealing photography that is owned by someone else. Your server theory is also wrong by the way. Why would you bring up making money off a photograph as the reason why or why not this is wrong? If I stole a shirt from you and wore it, would I be making money off your shirt? By your mindset, as long as no money is made on a stolen object, it’s fair game. Stealing is stealing dude, don’t try and make it right with your slant. Why on earth would you ban me? If you can’t take the heat, might want to get our of the kitchen. I know a number of photographers whose work has appeared on this site, which I know for a fact you were not given permission for. If you chose to ban me for probing a discussion on a trend you guys brought up, I will definitely make sure my friends are made aware of what is going on with their work here. Photography is the same as an article. That same mouse button you threatened me with shouldn’t be clicking the right button on it to steal pictures. You are as guilty as the sites you claim are stealing your news, if not more so.

  • Dizzle says:

    for one this isn’t my site. for 2 show someone proof of stolen photos.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  • clayton says:

    lol. almost every picture on here is uncredited. you’re theory is the same one that these other apparent sites will obviously use too for alleged stolen scoops. do you actually think someone off this site took that semi nude pic of that new ufc ring girl? don’t be so naive dude. stealing is strealing, and if the people that run this site want to go after uncredited or stolen breaking news, they should probably stop swiping pictures and images too. they’re just as guilty.

  • Dizzle says:

    your retarted. Check the photos out…they all have the fuckin copyright on them crediting whoever needs the credit. Oh yea none of them have your name on them…so why are you worried?

    New UFC Ring Girl
    On bottm right corner of photo – FLASHY BABES

    Ali in Truck UFC Ring Girl
    On bottom left corner of photo – look at copy write info

    Ali Pic 2 UFC Ring girl
    Watered Marked GW on TOP BIG with copyright water mark symbol

    So where’s the stolen photos at? Your out of your fuckin mind dood. You don’t know what your talking about.

  • clayton says:

    LOL. I went five pages deep into this site and found like ten pictures that I know for a fact this site doesn’t own and has zero credit, or should I say permission, given. One being the Bisping pic you conveniently skipped over on the front page. Also, just copy and pasting a pic with CP and the photographer on it doesn’t mean they’ve given you permission to use that pic. It’s beyond obvious you have asbolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Rln says:

    Sad to see all these bloggers complaining about their stories are being ripped off yet they all gloss over Clayton’s problem with unaccredited photos being used. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • Evan says:


    Some photos are “fair use”

  • clayton says:

    Outside of photos a site/company has taken themselves or a photo/image that has been given permission by the photographer/company, what photos are “fair use”? Just wondering…

  • Dizzle says:

    they are all royalty free images. Hope it clears things up for ya.

  • clayton says:

    Actually no it doesn’t. I can tell just by looking that they are not royalty free images. Also, royalty free doesn’t mean FREE as in you can copy and paste it to your site. It means you can do with is as you want as far as cropping and the amount of times you use it. It doesn’t mean bloggers can take them from various sites and use them as they want. Dude, stop talking because you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Dizzle says:

    Clayton This conversation was over with 3 days ago.

  • clayton says:

    Then why are you still talking??? There was a three day gap between my previous post and your post, what makes it over on the 26th! As usual dude, you make no sense. Or do conversations end on this site when someone posts something they know nothing about??? Becasue if that is the case this was over when you posted on November 23rd.

  • What if a blog copies a blog. To many clone blog sites out there. When I post I try to look at the big clone blogs so I dont post the same thing they are posting that day.

  • Dizzle says:

    I don’t know Billy. It’s becoming a huge problem I guess. I don’t have a problem with it because I only view this blog site. So I don’t even kow if anyone is stealing stuff from this site.

    Clayton just calm down and take a chill pill. All I wrote was “this conversation was over 3 days ago” and now your writing about I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • clayton says:

    Cuz you keep making claims about phantom credits and then royalty free bs but neither of your definitions are correct. Sorry I don’t live on this site and post daily, but just as yourself previously, why are three days of not posting any different now than previously? These guys want to bring up issues in relation to truly “stealing” work and I find it funny they are just as guilty on a different yet similar level. Is that cool? Not in my books. You might want to let Billy Gamble know the coversation is over too Dizzle and stop posting, didn’t you get the memo, this coversation was over three days ago. Come on dude, get with the program.


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