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Rashad Evans would like to fight Forrest Griffin next contributor Gary Herman has made some post-UFC 78 notes available at

According to Gary, Rashad Evans no longer has his sights solely set on a rematch with Tito Ortiz:

“If the fight happens, it happens,” said Evans, “I mean Tito is super Hollywood now. He’s doing the Apprentice. It really doesn’t seem like it would be the same to fight him anymore.”

So who’s next? After defeating the light heavyweight winner from the third season of TUF, Evans now wants a shot at the light heavyweight winner from the first season:

“I want to fight somebody else now – like Forrest Griffin,” said Evans.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I don’t mean to be hard on Rashad, but he doesn’t deserve Forrest. Rashad proved nothing in that fight that allows him to get a chance to lay on Griffin.

    I think the perfect match for Rashad would be against Jardine but they just had to be friends didn’t they.

  • Gabber says:

    *gasp* I want to fight *gasp gasp* somebody else now…*gasp* like *gasp* Forrest *gasp gasp* Griffin.

    Man, I really think Rashad needs to cut to 185 and get his cardio going, he burnt up real quick. I couldn’t believe it. That being said, Forrest is a guy that turns it up from 2nd round on. He would just walk through Rashad. I’m getting sick of the lay and pray. 😛

    I thought Jackson guys had better cardio then what Rashad shows.

  • Vess says:

    Forrest is a quality, exciting fighter who is not afraid to enage and try to finish a fight. Why waste him with a fight against a scrub like Evans?

    I would gladly pay for any PPV with Forrest as the headliner. I will never again pay for any PPV that has Evans as the main fight.

    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Dizzle says:

    I think bisping will fight Alexander next and Rashad will fight silva next.

    I can almost guarantee you this is what will happen.

  • Shoutfan says:

    Rashad deserves Tito, and that is about it.

  • Anton K says:

    What would be in it for Forrest? If he wins, what does he gain? Forrest needs to fight top five guys, period then go for the title. Rashad needs to chill.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Forrest deserves a better opponent than Evans after what he did against Shogun. No disrespect to Rashad, but he needs to needs to raise his game a bit more. That fight with Bisping was a snooze-fest…I get sleepy just thinking about it. Here’s my advice to Rashad: If you are going to push a guy up against the fence, please develop a strategy to do something with your opponent once you get him there.

  • Da Twin says:

    Forrest needs to fight for the tiltle not go backwords and fight Rashad, i like the matchups that DIZZLE mention, Bisping vs Alexander and Evans vs T. Silva, Rashad has to do improve alot, and show us that he’s worty, be for he even thinking about a fight with Forrest!

  • hmmm dont like it. Rashad isnt up to Forrest yet. T Silva would kill him i think… thanks Ken

  • blah says:

    Forrest is overrated. There, I said it. Good match imo

  • madman says:

    i would pay a million bucks to see mike tyson vs kimbo slice


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