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Anderson Silva to face Dan Henderson in March

silva_henderson.jpgAt the post-UFC 78 press conference it was announced that former Pride 183lb. and 205lb. champion, “Dangerous” Dan Henderson will face Anderson “the Spider” Silva at UFC 82. UFC 82 is set for March 1st at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Dan Henderson has been on the record of late stating his desire to stay at the 205 lb. weight class, while UFC president Dana White has been very vocal about wanting him to make the cut. It appears that White has gotten his wish and also that a contract extension between Henderson and the UFC has been sorted out.

In his last fight Henderson lost a tough fought unanimous decision to UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson while UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva will be coming off a second round TKO over Rich Franklin.


  • Zack says:

    Is Ohio Anderson’s new home?

    Huge fight. Two rock solid chins meet. I have no idea how this fight goes.

  • i wonder if its gonna be pushed as another title unification bout? Maybe they can have a spiketv show just on Hendo and team quest. it would help get the non hardcore fans behind him and give him some clout.

  • Popetastic says:

    Great fight. I have to go with Henderson, but I wouldn’t be shocked either way.

  • shoutfan says:

    Dan Henderson is the man. I think he has a good chance to defeat Silva.

  • Da Twin says:

    Hell yeah, I cant wait to see this fight! This will be Silva hardest fight yet, but i still think Silva can beat anybody at 185, i think he could beat Rampage at 205! Silva is just to good! Sorry guys Silva is staying Champ for a long time! I bet he’ll beat Matt Hughes record(tiltle defends)!

  • THORAZINE says:

    FUCKEN” A BOB!!!…… YAHOOO!!!!!!!!

  • THORAZINE says:

    Henderson having beaten, Wanderlei Silva, Antonio Nogueira, Renato Sobral, Vitor Belfort, Ryo Chonan (the guy who beat Anderson Silva) is just such a brawler with a Chin of steel (never been KO’d) and olympic caliber wrestler and at 185lbs… he’s a definite favorite over Silva in my opinion.

    However, if the hard headed’ Henderson decides to stand and brawl rather than go to the ground for most of the fight… I see Silva with a Win.

  • jaydog says:

    Good move by Hendo. Despite the fact that this is what Dana wanted, it just makes sense. He’s got to represent the ol’Pride middleweight belt if he wants to think of himself as a champion (and if he wins, then he really will be champ). After Silva gets the decision for pounding on Dan’s face for 25 minutes (to no avail), Hendo can go on and fight at whatever weight he wants. Seriously though, it just makes sense to have these two slugging it out and putting the mystery to rest. Of course, the UFC is Dan’s boss now and the middleweight division is where he’s needed. Light-heavy is just a zoo of potential champs.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    What a great match up. Is Henderson the guy who can neutralize Silva’s Muy Thai? Can he get close enough to land his overhand right? Who has the advantage on the ground? This one will be a “can’t miss.”

  • Da Twin says:

    Couture never be KOed till he fought Chuck, Henderson has never been KOed but when he fights Anderson Silva he will! Just because a fighter has never been Koed doesnt mean that he cant be!

  • gordillo says:


  • David says:

    Henderson has to come into this fight hungry and determined to win. If all he’s thinking about is coming in, taking the 185 pound belt, then moving back up to 205, he could be in really big trouble. Anderson Silva is on a mission and alot of fighters have been making the mistake of underestimating him. Henderson’s conditioning has to be much better than it was in the Jackson fight. Aderson Silva’s never faced someone like Dan Henderson and in fights in Pride that went into the later rounds he didn’t look as sharp. See the Chonan fight for example. Henderson should put him on his back, side mount him, ground and pound him with some knees. Basically take some of his energy away from him. His punches and kicks are then going to be much less crisp and less effective. Henderson can own Silva if he wants. The big question though is does he really want this. Is he going to be as hungry as he was in the Wanderlei fight. We’ll see in March.

  • UFC FAN says:

    Silva is going to win for sure hes much better than he used to be in pride hes got more contitioning to i think there is no one in the 185 division that can beat him hes TOOO GOOD that muay thai clinch is killer and hes good at submissions black belt jiu-jitsu hes got good submission and stand up thats why hes unstoppable ANDERSON SILVA ALL THE WAY


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