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Strikeforce weigh-in results


The following are results from yesterday’s weigh ins for Strikeforce: Four Man Enter, One Man Survives. The pairings for the shows 185lb. four man tournament were also announced. The card will also feature Cung Le against Sam Morgan, Paul Buentello and Alistair Overeem for the vacant World Heavyweight title and Bobby Southworth will defend his world light heavyweight belt against Anthony Ruiz.

Main Card

  • Cung Le (181) vs. Sam Morgan (177.8)
  • Paul Buentello (250) vs. Alistair Overeem (224)
  • Lemont Davis (171.8) vs. Brian Schwartz (167)
  • Bobby Southworth (204) vs. Anthony Ruiz (204)
  • Bryson Kamaka (169) vs. Luke Stewart (171)

Main Card (Tournament)

  • Trevor Prangley (185) vs. Falaniko Vitale (185)
  • Yuki Sasaki (183.3) vs. Jorge Santiago (184)
  • Sean Salmon (185) vs. Dennis Hallman (183) – alternate bout
  • Jeremiah Metcalf (182.5) — tournament reserve


  • Josh Neal (186) vs. Eric Lawson (184)
  • Pete Sabala (137) vs. Anthony Figueroa (132)
  • Clint Coronel (154.8) vs. Alex Crispin (155.5)
  • Chris Drumm (145) vs. Evan Esguerra (145.5)

There have been rumours that one of the participants in the first four man tournament to be sanctioned by the California Athletic Commission is not yet cleared medically. is reporting that site contributor Sean Salmon has told them that the rumour is true and that Yuki Sasaki is the fighter in question.

MMAjunkie goes on to state that tournament reserve, Jeremiah Metcalf may also not be medically cleared as well.


  • Is it true this event is going to stream live on Yahoo?

    I got Cung Le KO over Morgan
    The rest of the card is just filler for me

  • is it just me or are the weights at this even kind of up and down?
    Cung Le (181) vs. Sam Morgan (177.8) are these guys fighting at 185 or should morgan fight at weilterweight?

  • Arturo says:

    I was at the weigh-ins and they said that one of the fighters wasn’t medically cleared yet, they just didn’t say who. If Sasaki isn’t cleared then either Salmon, Hallman, or Jeremiah Metcalf will jump in his place. Metcalf is not scheduled to fight but is just the alternate. However, Metcalf, is also not medically cleared yet, either.

    This is Morgans first time fighting at 185 so he came in a bit light. They also said that the Cung Le – Sammy Morgan is actually contested at a 182 catch weight, contractually.

  • Dizzle says:

    is this going to be on showtime and if so what time.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Salmon is in… Sasaki is OUT

  • phyteguru says:

    …and Hallman now gets Metcalf

  • egad81 says:

    Salmon in the hospital from another KO
    Hope he will be ok


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