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UFC 78 Video: If you ask for a knockout, Houston Alexander is going to give it to you

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In the footage blow, Houston Alexander talks about how he fights for the fans and goes so far as to say he considers himself an employee of the fans.

How do you not root for this guy?

In addition to the video, you can still enjoy 5 Oz. contributing writer Adam Morgan’s exclusive interview that he conducted with Houston several months back by clicking here.

  • c-ing_red says:

    I agree you have to be a fan of his – thats what makes MMA so good. The unpredictability of the fight outcome is what drives me to watch every single event I can.

    Houston brings it and people should be scared.

  • screwface says:

    nuff respect to houston. i wish more fighters had his attitude about fighting. you fight for us! we the fans demand action and we enjoy nothing more than highlight kos. nothing worse than a fighter who just fights for points to win, running away from action or applying the lay and pray for 3 rounds. im a martial artist and i do understand the beauty of all techniques and the chess game that occurs on the ground at times, but sometimes you have to throw caution into the wind and give the fans what they want, even if u lose, youll always get the good fight cards and good payouts because if the fans love you , theyll pay to watch you every time. i dont care how good josh kos is or tim sylvia is, when i hear their fighting on a card i could care less, cuz i know i its gonna be a snoozer. but for a guy like houston with only 2 ufc fights under his belt, when i see his name you better believe i get excited to watch. thx for risking your ass for the fans houston, i for 1 appreciate and respect it :)

  • bpx says:

    Houston, you are a f*$king warrior, I got a ton of respect for you getting out there and doing this sh*t and trying to make a better life for you kids. Good luck man!

  • Bob says:

    does he take winner of Chuck / Silva? or does he get Rampage if/when he wins this weekend? he is bad

  • Dizzle says:

    i think dana white could take some pointers from alexander.

    he’s what i call a class act professional.

  • Houston we have a problem……


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