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UFC 78 Video: Evans thinks he does everything better than Bisping

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In this video, Rashad Evans says he does “everything better” than Michael Bisping. Also, after watching this video I get the feeling that he’s going to really push the pace.

Might we see an early finish? I think we will.

What do you think?

  • Zack says:

    Yep…I’m an admitted Rashad mark, but I could honestly see Rashad take Bisping down violently and pound his ass out very quickly.

  • screwface says:

    bisping is about to get outclassed in every respect. hes a decent midrange fighter, but the hamill fight showed he isnt ready for the big step up yet. i see a round 1 decisively finished victory for rashad, but with the year of upsets weve had i guess anything is possible. yes im a huge rashad fan, and i like bisping and even defended his victory over hamill but i just dont see him having even the slightest chance of a win on this 1. i predict bisping will not only get his first loss, but hell get knocked out. rashads controversial draw with tito woke him up imo, i think he now knows who he is and wont second guess himself anymore. i believe we will see a very focused and aggressive rashad this time around.

  • ossBASHA says:

    Bisping and screwface both need to get KOed.

  • mcanena says:

    I sense a little bit of overconfidence about Rashad,Bisping is no joke,he looked bad against Hamill coz he was expecting Hamill to wrestle and nothing else.Bisping suddenly has a huge weight lifted off his shoulders and I think he is gonna smash Rashad to bits.


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