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White could still strip Sherk of title; Couture offered title defense against Nogueira is reporting that UFC president Dana White revealed during a press conference on Monday to promote UFC 78 in Newark, NJ this Saturday that he will honor the California State Athletic Commission’s ruling by stripping Sean Sherk of the lightweight title if Sherk’s appeal is upheld on Dec. 4.

White had been quoted by Yahoo! last week as saying that Sherk would remain champion regardless of CSAC’s ruling.

B.J. Penn and Joe Stevenson are scheduled to fight for the interim lightweight title on Jan. 19 in New Castle, England. If Sherk’s appeal is overturned, White indicated that he will fight the winner of Penn vs. Stevenson as soon as a match could take place. The bout would unify the lightweight and interim lightweight titles.

“B.J. Penn and Joe Stevenson are going to fight for the interim title,” quoted White as saying. “We’ll see what happens with Sherk. If Sherk is found guilty, we’ll support the (California) State Athletic Commission and he’ll probably be stripped of his title. If not, then he’ll keep his title and it will be champion vs. champion.”


  • Da Twin says:

    i hope Randy takes that fight, that would be an awsome fight. Srew Fedor he’s scared of Randy, Randy should just finish his contract and then he can go where ever Fedor is hiding!! Nogueira is still one of the best, so if Randy can beat him (which i think he could) Randy would definely be # 1 heavy weight! i think he should be #1 now i dont understand how Fedor is, or how is going to maintain #1 by signing with M1 and fight not even top 10 guys. Pedro Rizzo or Jeff Monson arent good enough to keep him at #1! Maybe if everyone would stop putting him at #1 then maybe he’ll realize that he needs to fight the best and thats in the UFC!

  • Thor says:

    Sherk’s title should have already been stripped. The appeals process is a mere formality for liars that fail drug tests.

    UFC does not have all of the top ten heavyweights. The only UFC fights that would be any sort of a challenge for Fedor would be against either Randy Couture or Cheick Kongo. Everyone else, including Noguiera, are either past their prime, on a inconsistent losing skid, or never did impress. There are some good fights out there for Fedor, his contract with M-1 clearly states he can fight in coordination with M-1 and other organizations (Elite XC for example) and surely you can come out of your UFC box to see there are top 10 caliber fighters in other organizations.

    For the power and prominence that UFC advertises and Dana blabs about, they have a fairly weak heavyweight division compared to their other weight classes.

    Couture should continue to hold out until Dana gets fired or wises up.


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