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Tito Ortiz wants the winner of Evans vs. Bisping

Tito Ortiz held an MMA seminar for young fighters this weekend in Edmonton, and the former UFC light heavyweight champion was certainly not at a loss for words about where he stands in the UFC’s 205-lb. pecking order. Tito told the Edmonton Sun that since he lost his rematch to Chuck Liddell, he feels that the UFC no longer values him as championship material…

“When I lost to Chuck Liddell I took a step down. When I fought Rashad (Evans) I thought I won the fight. It was supposed to happen again, but it ain’t happening.  I looked at a thing on and it said the light heavyweights are Rashad vs. (Michael) Bisping* and there were others that were contenders, but my picture wasn’t on it.”

Maybe it’s me, but wasn’t it Tito who elected not to sign an agreement for a rematch with Evans for UFC 78?

Either way, Tito says he’s still gunning for championship glory…

“They (the UFC) are just trying to hold on and make sure the fighters don’t get more powerful. I am going to work to get the right fights and that belt will be around my waist.”

Ortiz announced in a recent press release that he plans to return to action early next year, and according to the Edmonton Sun article, Ortiz hopes to fight the winner of Evans vs. Bisping.

*The article cites Evans’ UFC 78 opponent as Michael Bisby, which isn’t too far off phonetically, but I went ahead and made the correction for this post.

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  • egad81 says:

    I want to see Tito fight Jardine!
    Tito is still a gamer but has not done well against decent strikers.

  • Evan says:

    “Maybe it’s me, but wasn’t it Tito who elected not to sign an agreement for a rematch with Evans for UFC 78?”

    This is one thing that annoys me…people always point at the UFC for distorting issues but the fighters are just as bad.

  • It’s amazing how quickly Tito has turned into a gatekeeper for the 205 division. He has taken on the role of fighter who tests TUF winners to see if they’re the real deal. First Forrest, then Rashad (in a decision that could have easily gone against him, given the lost point), and now he wants Bisping if he wins. Good thing Serra and Nate Diaz are a few weight classes down. Otherwise, we’d probably be seeing those matches pretty soon too.

  • dizzle says:

    I think it’s pretty awsomes that he’s willing to fight all of these TUF competitors. He really wants that belt…thats for sure.

  • DMW says:

    I miss seeing Tito fight and think now that the UFC has lost it’s good guy (Randy Couture) it needs the Huntington Beach bad boy to keep things stirred up. Nobody does it better–that’s what made the early UFC so interesting.


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