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Video: Kimbo and Tank at Happy Hour

I think Tank Abbott might be campaigning for a match with Kimbo Slice.

  • Drewdoodoo says:

    Wow, that was different.

  • Eugene says:

    Wow, Redneck theater.

  • xx2000xx says:

    Tank via Burning Iron.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    that was awesome b/c it features the following:

    1. A completely hammered Tank Abbott.

    2. Trash talk about how they already got paid a lump sum from CFFC for booking the fight.

    3. A retarded midget.

    this also looks like they are hanging out in someones house, in a finished basement or something.

  • Davey D says:

    That’s just too damn funny.

    Tank: “I’ma smash the shzzztts outs youzzz, ya knowa I mean”

    FakeBo: “Oh yeah, first you got to go through Teddy when he wakes up, then Corky , then IF you’re lucky bro, I might have to go Lionheart on yo’ ass.”

    Tank: “Shuuu know wha, I’ll find you sometime and put yo’ ass face down in the streezz.”

    FakeBo: “What the fcuk are you smoking and were can I get some of that chit?”

    Tank: Talk to the hand, fooo! If you want to fight, fight me!!!


  • Johnny P. says:

    Could Tank be anymore of an embarrassment to himself. Always thought he was the self promoter that didn’t get it, while the guy a couple miles down the road in Huntington Beach got it. As a side note, I bet the two times a year Frank Shamrock gets drunk he doesn’t brag, he gets kinda quiet and whispers, “I don’t really mean it. i just wanna be loved, ya know?” to people passing by who can’t hear him.

  • Mike says:

    tanks a fag, he sucks at fighting, hes fat and hed get his ass owned by kimbo

  • Gavin says:

    I never liked Tank Abbott. He symbolized everything that was wrong with the sport before it became MMA as we know it. Kimbo may be a street fighter, but he put in a good effort training in a good camp with Bas and Sean Tompkins. I’d take a street fighter who was serious about improving over a “black belt in ass kicking” any day.

  • jjdnb says:

    In his prime, if Tank worked his cardio and didnt gas out, I think he could have beaten anyone in that era of MMA.

  • ossBASHA says:

    That’s some your know what trash.


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