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Kimbo Slice training pics for EliteXC Renegade

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kimbo_slice_04.jpg kimbo_slice_02.jpg kimbo_slice_03.jpg kimbo_nick_diaz.jpg

  • Zack says:

    I’ve got to ask this…will/does the beard give him an advantage? (besides making him look badass)

  • Evan says:

    Will he have to shave that beard if he has to fight in Cal or NV?

  • bubbafat says:

    yeah, maybe a Samson thing?if Kimbo learned how to throw an efficient punch in the last few months, i feel sorry for Cantrell. Look at the size of his arm.

  • Zack says:

    His arms are so big his wrists look thin

  • Gabber says:

    I really hope with all the hype going on, Kimbo doesn’t believe the hype and the dude just fights. Now, based off his previous streetfight experinece, I think he is going to take it to Bo, I just hope he doesn’t get super ambitious and get tapped because of lack of experience.

    It would suck to be pumping this dude up as much as ProElite is to have him lose to a gimmie. 😛

    I hope his training in a gym hasn’t dulled his razor sharp street fighting styles.

    Anyone know how the promo video for him is going to be? They going to be showing any of his backyard stuff for his walk in? Does anyone even own that stuff?

  • Davey D says:

    Saturday night should be a good night for Showtime. I’ll be watching. I want to see how Kimbo does against his oppenent. I’ll also be rooting for Diaz, Sheilds and Bigfoot.

  • My question is:

    Will Kimbo have to relinquish the gold fist necklace to Cantrell if he loses?

  • ossBASHA says:

    What’s with the hair design on his chest/abs a la pubic hair?

  • Macdaddy says:

    #7 Adam – not unless they fight bareknuckles in Gary Shaw’s backyard….

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Still wanna see pics of him off his back going for an arm bar or something.

  • theickysticky says:

    Do you think the average Joe can even hold him down on his back?

  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    Kimbo is an entertaining fighter and personality, but DANG his bicepts look like this guy’s:

  • I got the chance to speak with Kimbo in AC a few months back. Although he looks like a monster… he is very well spoken and generally a nice guy.
    I dont see Bo going past the first round… but this is MMA and any given Saturday night things could happen.

    I am pretty good shape and about the same height as Kimbo but I would NOT want to meet that man in a dark alley…. Good Luck Bo or should I say FRESH MEAT

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    It should be noted that Bo Cantrell was submitted via gogoplata during his last fight. Seems Bo poses little danger on his feet or on the ground. Kimbo should walk right through him on his way to a first round TKO. I have heard Bas Rutten speaking about Kimbo and Bas genuinely believes he has skills. We will see for ourselves come Saturday night.

  • Thorazine says:

    # 1 Zack Says: November 8th, 2007 at 7:14 pm
    “I’ve got to ask this…will/does the beard give him an advantage? (besides making him look badass)”

    I heard he once hid a pair of brass knuckles in it… WTF?

  • Thorazine says:

    most fans don’t give Kimbo any credit at this time, but I believe he going to be very very tough and competitive with top fighters after he gets a few more wins and piles on experience

  • brandon says:

    Anyone who honestly doesn’t look at kimbo as a legit opponent is CRAZY, besides haveing brute strength he has excelent boxing skills and hands down is gunna wreck anyone who gets in his way, gotta get that bread! ALLDAY!

  • Chris says:

    Kimbo is gotta fight in the UFC thats were alot of talent is at i want to see kimbo vs Andrei Arlovski or Gabriel Gonzaga or even cro cop then i will know for sure ifs hes a good mma fighter

  • Macmac says:

    Kimbo’s victory over Abbott was unbelievable. i’m sure he’ll rip more asses in ufc. next fighter please prepare yourself to our monster!!!

  • Your boi says:

    Slice is a machine. I bet so much if he goes to UFC he’ll do so much damage. Yeah he kinda struggles in the cage but ey, for a first timer, he represented the hood.

  • Robert Smith III says:

    I’ve read Kimbos story in ESPN mag.It seems to me that theres a judgement let me ask you. How could a man fall to the bowells of hell and still remain sane and on top of his game.He’s a good father,son and Man who’s surrounded by the Devil that seeks the power of the rebel but thats ok because his aponants know he’s on another Level. I see a man of very few words literally knocking Kats out in seconds. In my world its put up or shut up.Theres something Victorius about a man that talks shit and then gets his Ass handed to him that I love.I wish I could meet this Brother.

  • ricky says:

    I would be afraid to be kimbo’s trainer

    perfect fight
    muhhamed ali vs kimbo


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