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Bisping vs. Evans: Battle of the bloggers

evans_ufc78.jpgUFC president Dana White may not be a big fan of blogs, but Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping, who are set to due to battle no Nov. 17 at UFC 78 in Newark, N.J., are having a war of words courtesy of their blogs at that is starting to escalate.

I guess you could say that Evans perhaps started the war of words with this passage:

I think his main attribute always has been not his striking or anything about his fight game – it’s his attitude. He actually believes that he’s this monster, this beast. It’s kinda like how Diego Sanchez was – he had this attitude, and I think that’s what makes him persevere through fights, this attitude that he’s bigger than life, and I think that carries him a lot, and a big part of the reason why he’s undefeated. Of course, if you’re gonna have that attitude, you’ve got to be really honest with yourself. You’re gonna say, ‘If I’m gonna lose, I’m gonna make it a loss like this, where this guy is feeling me every single second and he never wants to fight me again.’ Then you can afford to have that attitude where you think you’re a beast, because win or lose, you are a beast, and I think you come out on top no matter what.

bisping_ufc78.jpgBisping responded to Evans’ initial blog post and took offense to some of his comments. It kind of reads as if he’s reaching a tad:

I read Rashad’s column on the other day and also watched his video interview, both with great interest. He seems to be saying I think I am better than I actually am, that I am fooling myself into a false sense of security or whatever and am even taking it easy in the gym because I believe my own hype.

For Rashad to think I am arrogant in my own ability is complete rubbish. Look at my interview, I’ve always stressed I am learning as I go along, that I am a few steps behind the top of the division. I have never, ever, ever thought “I’m undefeated, I am great, and so I can take it easy” or believed my own hype or anything like that.

It didn’t end there:

Let me tell you Rashad – I’ve got a lot more going for me that my attitude. There’s a lot to my game and I’m looking forward to setting you straight on a few things. One of the things I won’t be setting straight will be your nose! 😉

And now Evans is apparently unhappy that Bisping is unhappy with what what he said. He’s taking things one step further in his latest blog post by making it known that he feels Bisping’s decision to train in the UK is a mistake:

I read that Bisping’s staying home to train for this fight, and I think he’s making a mistake by not going with Rampage’s camp again because it’s so important to have great guys to train with who can push you. You can’t go into practice and be the top dog every day. You want to get your ass kicked in practice. You want to walk away from practice saying, ‘man, what is going on?

He concluded by directing the following comments to Bisping:

I’ll leave this week’s blog with a message for Bisping. Mike, on November 17th, you can look forward to staring across the ring at somebody who’s gonna bring immense pressure, something you’ve never felt before. We’re gonna stand and just got toe to toe and battle it out. Believe me, you’ve never felt this before. You probably went to camp with Rampage and Rampage never gave it to you like I’m gonna give it to you. If you got jumped by ten people, I think your ass whipping would be less than what I’m gonna give you on November 17th.

Suddenly there’s some juice behind this match and we could get some more from Bisping’s next blog, which is due by the end of the week.

To be honest, I don’t see the big deal with what Evans said in his initial blog post. But whenever you’re out in public talking before a big fight you always run the risk of your opponent deliberately taking things out of context in order to give themself some sort of an edge.

Certain fighters need an edge to compete at their top level and are just looking for an excuse to not like their opponent. This could be an example of that but it looks like Evans is handling it just fine since he’s using it as training fuel as well.

(HT: Richard Cartey)

  • garth says:

    tempest in a teapot. good grief, is bisping a) so thin-skinned he can’t hear someone basically compliment him without scraping up an insult and 2) so uninterested in the match to invent words for evans to have said?

    I like Bisping even less now, and I didn’t think that was possible. With any luck the Rashad that pretty much lost to Ortiz is gone, and a meaner Rashad shows up in a week and a half. I’d love to see Bisping beat up (again).

  • Jeremy says:

    They gotta get some juice going on this card somehow, this seems like the best way to me.

    I still think Evans will take it in the first by TKO.

  • ossBASHA says:

    I hope Bisping gets KTFO

  • Evan says:

    I’m still a fan of Bisping. One of the few!

  • ossBASHA says:

    I really don’t find him all that talented/exciting, and he’s quite over-hyped. Down the road, I really don’t see him as champ of a strong division. I never really disliked him, but the way he handled the Matt Hamill situation disgusted me. Hopefully after this fight Matt will get a rematch and destroy Bisping like he did before.

  • dizzle says:

    Bisping gets knocked out in round 2

  • Zack says:

    I’m in the minority in that I had no problem with Bisping’s decision over Hammill (the biggest tempest in a teapot non-controversy in MMA over the past two years) and I thought Rashad beat Tito, with or without the point reduction. That said, I think Rashad will manhandle Bisping.

  • GB says:

    Kudos to both fighters’ ghost writers. This is a great, clever, low-budget way to hype a fight that many still feel doesn’t deserve main event status.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Rashad said a little more disparaging things in his video interview, but I am glad someone else was enjoying these blogs.

  • Paul P says:

    Bisping has done nothing but good for the sport of MMA in the UK the UFC wouldn’t even be over here in England if not for him… He has a cloose decision got lucky yeah in one fight big deal yeah. So what??!?!?! Now I am supposed to hate a guy who does more interviews and good for the sport than maybe anyone else in the UFC? huhuhuh. Maybe he should be more like “hero” CHuck and refuse autographs and go on TV stoned out of his face and embarrass everyone?????

  • No doubt the UFC is pushing them to talk as much crap as possible to help create hype for a lackluster main event. Hopefully this fight will surprise me in terms of entertainment but I just don’t see it being that great.

  • ossBASHA says:

    Where in the hell do you get that he does “more good for the sport than anyone else in the ufc”?

    Wake up buddy, Bisping is nothing but a tool used by the UFC to get into the UK. It’s not his legendary skill or interviews that did it, it’s the UFC’s promotion. You want me to respect a fighter that comes off all cocky after getting a deciscio in a fight he clearly lost? I never had anything against the guy, but now I’d just love to see him get KTFO.

  • jocker says:

    all i got to say is you ppl have no idea what your talking about you shouldnt judge bisping on the hamil fight becuase the 3rd round was all bisping and yeah he lost that fight but evans would get crushed by hamil aswell and both fighters have lost fight bisping lost to hamil and evans lost ortiz

  • Kareltje says:

    Indeed Bisping is a tool to promote the UFC in the UK, he is even that lucky he got a win, allthough he got his ass kicked against Hamil, just not to looase any fans in the UK. Bisping just is to dumb to understand why he got the win, and really thinks he won that fight. Of course he is arrogant, almost all english fighters are arrogant, watch a few episodes of Cage Rage…

  • mcanena says:

    Bisping is gonna smash Rashad.Hamill needs to shut his damn mouth,he was mouthing off at Bisping for over a year at every opurtunity and the first time Bisping says anything back he gets all this sh*t.
    Hamill lost to Bisping,you dont win a fight for being deaf,coming out to a US hype up song,win one round then slugishly walk forward and throw sloppy punches while getting picked apart for two rounds.Hamill did nothing when he got a take down,Bisping got up easy,Bisping won,Hamill lost.
    Hamill is gonna get whats coming to him,I want to see him fight Shogun or Houston!!!!!!

  • mcanena says:

    How can you f**kers call anyone arroggant? Look at floyd Mayweather,I guess Ricky Hattons the moouthy cocky one in your views.

  • mcanena says:

    I love reading all the keyboard warriors comments,you know who you are,the little skinny guys,big fat guys both with glassses skinny forearms and a squeeky voice.
    Bisping didn’t even have to take this fight yet he chose to,would you have what it takes? no,you wouldn’t would you,stop crying about the UFC,if you don’t like it don’t watch,I’m sure they won’t miss you.
    Bisping will demolish Rashad with strikes and a wicked flying knee.

    SHUT UP!

  • Amy says:

    A year ago, I’d have put my money on Bisping. Following the Hammill decision/fight though I’m on the fence. Bisping is a powerful striker, but Evans has been on fire as of late. I think this one will go to Evans in the second round. I hate to say it but Bisping is out matched in this bout.

  • mcanena says:

    Amy you are soooo wrong. Bisping is bigger then Evans,he has had the perfect practice for Evans in his fight against Hamill and he is gonna win this fight.
    You have to understand in the Hamill fight he didn’t expect Hamill to strike with him,it completly threw him off.
    How can you say Evans has been on fire as of late,did you not see his last fight? Watch his fight against Tito and look at their faces at the end when it is ruled a draw,Tito looks devestated,Evans looks so relieved and happy coz he knew he should have lost that fight.
    Oh yeah and before that he Koed Sean Samon and Jason Lambert,Bispings fight against Hamill was the first he hasn’t finished.
    That kick against Sean Salmon I can’t believe it conected,I saw it coming a mile away!

  • Konger says:

    for anyone that thinks there is no way bisping can win all i have to say is

    Matt serra Vs GSP no way GSP should lose this fight but what happend he got fucked up by an error just like evans can make one punch is all a fighter needs unless you fight dan henderson then you need like a steel fist and about 40 punches

  • Evans Fan says:

    man Bisping was looking pretty good at the weigh in i am kinda worried about rashaad

  • Evans Fan says:

    wow that was a good fight i thought evans lost but i guess he didnt

  • Dizzle says:

    Yea I had the fight at a draw. Evans got the points on the take downs…but he did nothing while on the ground. Bisping got the best of him on the standup game I have to say. All – in – All it was a good fight…but a very lackluster performance for UFC this time around…not alot of action.

    I would have rather wathced the prelim fights to be honest. I really wanted to see how the submission of the night took place. They just showed a 5 sec. clip of it.

    Oh well it is what it is…but I’m upset at how there wasn’t alot of action.

  • ttttchess says:

    The UFC knows Bisping lost big time against Hamill !!
    Remember the commentators were sure Hamill won, and were speaking like that whole fight… Then that strange decision….
    In following UFC´s the commentators aren´t allowed to give their opinions during the fight. They have to say: I think …. gets the decision. Even if it is obvious who won a fight, they speak like: well, i dont know, does … get the decision or will … get the decision.
    That is the final proove Bisping got beat up like a lill boy,couldnt compete with Hamills punchingpower !!!
    A good thing he got manhandled by Rashad as well, that´ll shut him up !!
    By the way: that should make the Bisping – Hamill fight a no contest, I feel sorry for Hamill having a loss on his record without having lost…..


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